Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure Committee
(Subcommittee on Base Realignment and Closure)
September 27, 2004 - 1:30P

Preparation for the upcoming Base Realignment and Closure round
       ON:        Bushell, Gary Consultant (South Texas Military Task
                         Force), Corpus Chrisit, TX
                  Cazalas, H.C. Commissioner (Nueces County and Nueces
                         Navy League), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Ehrie, William Chairman (Texas Military Preparedness
                         Commission), Abilene, TX
                  Gonzales, Joe A. President (AFGE-L2124 Union at
                         CCAD), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Gutierrez, Rudy Vice President (American Federation
                         of Government Employees), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Hawley, Judy (South Texas Military Facilities Task
                         Force), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Longoria, Betty Jean Commissioner (Nueces County),
                         Corpus Christi, TX
                  Messbarger, Dick Executive Director (Kingsville
                         Economic Development Council), Corpus
                         Christi, TX
                  Miller, Josephine Executive Director (San Patricio
                         County Economic Development Corporation),
                         Gregory, TX
                  Nardini, Fred P. Commissioner (San Patricio County),
                         Portland, TX
                  Neal, Samuel L. Chairman (South Texas Military
                         Facilites Task Force), Corpus Christi, TX
                  Rhea, Mike City Manager (City of Ingleside),
                         Ingleside, TX
                  Simpson, Terry County Judge (San Patricio County and
                         North Bay Task Force), Sinton, TX
                  Watson, Thomas President (National Association of
                         Independent Labor Local #3), Portland, TX