DAILY HOUSE CALENDAR
                          Tuesday, July 12, 2005


                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 6    Morrison
Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds or other
obligations to fund capital projects at public institutions of
higher education.

HB 11    Hartnett / Luna
Relating to the compensation of state judges and county judges, to
the computation of retirement benefits for state judges and for
members of the elected class of the Employees Retirement System of
Texas, and to providing funds for court-related purposes.

                         HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTIONS
                             SECOND READING

HJR 19    Corte / Bonnen / Hilderbran / Campbell / Oliveira / et al.
Proposing a constitutional amendment to prohibit the state or a
political subdivision from taking private property for the primary
purpose of economic development or to benefit a particular class of
identifiable individuals.