SB 29             Shapleigh
Relating to a bonus for certain new public school classroom teachers.

SB 30             Shapleigh
Relating to an analysis of the effects of certain tax policies.

SB 31             Shapleigh
Relating to tuition exemptions granted by public institutions of higher
education to children of certain classroom teachers.

SB 32             Shapleigh
Relating to a dual language education pilot project in certain school

SB 33             Madla
Relating to the small and mid-sized district adjustments under the
Foundation School Program for certain school districts.

SB 34             Madla
Relating to the taxable property value under the public school finance
system of school districts not offering all grade levels.

SB 35             Madla
Relating to the taxable value of property for school finance purposes of
certain school districts.

SB 36             Ellis
Relating to the compensation of state judges and to providing funds for
other court-related purposes.
State Affairs

SB 37             Ellis
Relating to providing funds for the fair defense account.
Criminal Justice

SB 38             Armbrister
Relating to the authorization and regulation of electronic pull-tab bingo;
not authorizing the use of slot machines or video lottery terminals.
State Affairs

SB 39             Duncan
Relating to responsibilities of certain state agencies concerning
radioactive substances; imposing fees and surcharges; providing
administrative and civil penalties.
Natural Resources

SB 40             Averitt
Relating to a comprehensive study of right-of-way use compensation paid to
governmental entities by communications and technology providers.
Business & Commerce

SJR 5             Ogden
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing a uniform statewide
property tax for public education, abolishing school district property
taxes for maintenance purposes, and authorizing a limited school district
property tax for educational enrichment if approved by the voters of the

SJR 7             Ellis
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing casino gaming and
requiring creation of a Texas Gaming Commission to regulate gaming and
casino-based development projects in this state.
State Affairs