HB 2
Public Education Committee

June 22, 2005 -  2:00P
    For:      Batson, Amanda (ADB Partners Education on Demand)
              Bruno, Tina (TX. for a Traditional School Year)
              Burnett, Tom (Apple)
              Patterson, Chris (Texas Public Policy Foundation)
              Schlomach, Byron (Texas Public Policy Foundation)
              Shepard, Janelle (Self and Texans for Texas)
              Venable, Peggy (Americans For Propserity - Texas)
              Watson, Forrest E. (Alliance for Sound Education Policy)
              Weinberg, Tracy (Texas Association for Gifted and
    Against:  Grusendorf, Bill (TX Assoc Rural Schools, TX Assoc
              Mid-Size Schools TX Assoc Community Schools)
              Raybuck, Susan McAfee (Self)
    On:       Anderson, David (Texas Education Agency)
              Scott, Robert (Texas Education Agency)

June 23, 2005 - 11:00A
    For:      Cunningham, William H. (Self)
              Sirhal, Maureen (Self and Dell Inc.)
    Against:  Eckhart, Harley (Texas Elementary Principals &
              Supervisors Association)
              Figueroa, Luis (MALDEF Mexican American Legal Defense &
              Educational Fund)
              Gregg, Brock (ATPE)
              Hollingsworth, Jr., Lonnie (Texas Classroom Teachers
              Kouri, Richard (Texas State Teachers Association)
              Raab, Ted Melina (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Sprinkle, David (Daily Court Review)
    On:       McGeady, John (LBB)
              O'Brien, John (Legislative Budget Board)
              Parks, Ursula (Legislative Budget Board)
              Schiess, Jennifer (LBB)