SB 10             Madla
Relating to the issuance of revenue bonds for Texas A&M
University--San Antonio.
S/C on Capital Funding for Higher Education

SB 11             Madla
Relating to the temporary extension of the deadline for submitting
a regional water plan to the Texas Water Development Board for
approval and inclusion in the state water plan.
Natural Resources

SB 12             Hinojosa
Relating to adjusting the "price to beat" for electric utility
services to reflect reduced natural gas fuel prices.
Business & Commerce

SB 13             Duncan
Relating to the state retirement contribution for public education
employees; making an appropriation.

SB 14             Duncan
Relating to prohibiting certain disruptions at a funeral service;
creating an offense.
Criminal Justice

SB 15             Ogden
Relating to an appropriation for the Permanent Higher Education Fund under
Section17(i), Article VII, Texas Constitution.

SB 16             Ogden
Relating to supplemental state appropriations.