SB 19             Barrientos/ Wentworth
Relating to the financing of certain intermunicipal commuter rail
district transportation infrastructure.
Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 20             Barrientos/ Wentworth
Relating to reporting of certain gifts to public officials.
State Affairs

SB 21             Van de Putte
Relating to nursing home representatives on the emergency
management council.
Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 22             Van de Putte
Relating to requiring the division of emergency management to
coordinate the creation of certain medical and special needs
Transportation & Homeland Security

SB 23             Williams/ Janek
Relating to the costs of damages to Lamar University and its
related institutions caused by Hurricane Rita; making an

SJR 11             Ogden
Proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the continuation
of the constitutional appropriation of money to certain higher
education entities and for the allocation of income from the higher
education fund to those entities, and extending the period of
maturity for certain bonds and notes issued by those entities.