Floor Packet Page No. 195                                                   

Amend CSHB 3 by adding the following appropriately numbered 
section to the bill and renumbering subsequent sections of the bill 
	SECTION ___.  Section 151.307, Tax Code, is amended by adding 
Subsection (g)-(h) to read as follows:
	(g)  School Supplies are exempt from a sales tax imposed under 
this subchapter.
	(h) For purposes of this exemption, "school supply" 
		(1)  crayons;                                                          
		(2)  scissors;                                                         
		(3)  glue, paste, and glue sticks;                                     
		(4)  pencils;                                                          
		(5)  pens;                                                             
		(6)  erasers;                                                          
		(7)  rulers;                                                           
		(8)  markers;                                                          
		(9)  highlighters;                                                     
		(10)  paper, including loose-leaf ruled notebook paper, 
copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored 
paper, poster board, and construction paper;
		(11)  writing tablets;                                                 
		(12)  spiral notebooks;                                                
		(13)  bound composition notebooks;                                     
		(14)  pocket folders;                                                  
		(15)  plastic folders;                                                 
		(16)  expandable portfolios;                                           
		(17)  manila folders;                                                  
		(18)  three-ring binders that are three inches or less 
in capacity;  
		(19)  backpacks and zipper pencil bags;                                
		(20)  school supply boxes;                                             
		(21)  clipboards;                                                      
		(22)  index cards;                                                     
		(23)  index card boxes;                                                
		(24)  calculators;                                                     
		(25)  protractors;                                                     
		(26)  compasses;                                                       
		(27) music notebooks;                                                  
		(28)  sketch or drawing pads;                                          
		(29)  paintbrushes;                                                    
		(30)  watercolors;                                                     
		(31)  acrylic, tempera, or oil paints;                                 
		(32)  tape, including masking tape and Scotch tape;                    
		(33)  clay and glazes;                                                 
		(34)  pencil sharpeners;                                               
		(35)  thesauruses; and                                                 
		(36)  dictionaries.                                                    
	SECTION __. Section162.104 (6), Tax Code, is repealed.                         
	SECTION __. Chapter 162 of the Tax code is amended by adding 
Section 162.506 to read as follows:
	Sec. 162.506 Aviation Fuel Tax. A per gallon tax that is 
sufficient to fund Section 151.307, Tax Code, as amended by adding 
Subsection (g)-(h), on gasoline that is delivered or sold into a 
storage facility of a licensed aviation fuel dealer from which 
gasoline will be delivered solely into the fuel supply tanks of 
aircraft or aircraft servicing equipment, or sold from one licensed 
aviation fuel dealer to another licensed aviation fuel dealer who 
will deliver the aviation fuel exclusively into the fuel supply 
tanks of aircraft or aircraft servicing equipment.