Floor Packet Page No. 219                                                   

Amend CSHB 3 as follows:                                                     
	(1)  On page 38, between lines 4 and 5, insert "(20)  elective 
cosmetic procedures".
	(2) In Article 3, Part A, add the following appropriately 
numbered sections and renumber the remaining sections accordingly:
	SECTION 3A.    . Chapter 151, Tax Code, is amended by adding 
Section 151.0037 and 151.327 to read as follows:
	Section 151.0037. In this section, "elective cosmetic 
procedures" means:
		(1)  A cosmetic medical procedure" means any medical 
procedure performed on a individual which is directed at improving 
the procedure subject's appearance and which does not meaningfully 
promote the proper function of the body or prevent or treat illness 
or disease. "Cosmetic medical procedure" includes but is not 
limited to cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, cosmetic 
injections, cosmetic soft tissue fillers, dermabrasion and 
chemical peel, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, laser 
treatment of leg veins, sclerotherapy, and cosmetic dentistry. 
"Cosmetic medical procedure" does not include reconstructive 
surgery or dentistry;
		(2)  This section does not apply to reconstructive 
surgery or dentistry which includes any surgery or dentistry 
performed on abnormal structures caused by or related to congenital 
defects, developmental abnormalities, injury, trauma, infection, 
tumors or disease, including procedures to improve function or give 
a more normal appearance.
storage, use, or other consumption of a school supply, including 
textbooks, books, and other instructional materials, is exempted 
from the taxes imposed by this chapter if the school supply is 
		(1)  for use by a student in a class in a public or 
private elementary or secondary school;
		(2)  during the period described by Section 151.326 (a) 
(2); and     
		(3)  for a sales price of less than $100 per item.                     
	(b)  For purposes of this exemption, "school supply" means:             
		(1)  crayons;                                                          
		(2)   scissors;                                                        
		(3)  glue, paste, and glue sticks;                                     
		(4)  pencils;                                                          
		(5)  pens;                                                             
		(6)  erasers;                                                          
		(7)  rulers;                                                           
		(8)  markers;                                                          
		(9)  highlighters;                                                     
		(10)  paper, including loose-leaf ruled notebook paper, 
copy paper, graph paper, tracing paper, manila paper, colored 
paper, poster board, and construction paper;
		(11)  writing tablets;                                                 
		(12)  spiral notebooks;                                                
		(13)   bound composition notebooks;                                    
		(14)  pocket folders;                                                  
		(15)  plastic folders;                                                 
		(16)  expandable portfolios;                                           
		(17)  manila folders;                                                  
		(18)  three-ring binders that are three inches or less 
in capacity;  
		(19)  backpacks and zipper pencil bags;                                
		(20)  school supply boxes;                                             
		(21)  clipboards;                                                      
		(22)  index cards;                                                     
		(23)  index card boxes;                                                
		(24)  calculators;                                                     
		(25)  protractors;                                                     
		(26)  compasses;                                                       
		(27)  music notebooks;                                                 
		(28)  sketch or drawing pads;                                          
		(29)  paintbrushes;                                                    
		(30)  watercolors;                                                     
		(31)  acrylic, tempera, or oil paints;                                 
		(32)  tape, including masking tape and Scotch tape;                    
		(33)  clay and glazes;                                                 
		(34)  pencil sharpeners;                                               
		(35)  thesauruses; and                                                 
		(36)  dictionaries.                                                    
	(c)  A retailer is not required to obtain an exemption 
certificate stating that the school supplies are purchased for use 
by a student in a class in a public or private elementary or 
secondary school unless the supplies are purchased in a quantity 
that indicates that the supplies are not purchased for use by a 
student in a class in a public or private elementary or secondary 
	SECTION 3A.    . Section 151.351, Tax Code, is repealed.