Amend CSHB 3 as follows:                                                     
	(1) Strike page 9, line 9, through page 11, line 8, and 
substitute the following:
	Sec. 22.64. PUBLIC INFORMATION. A sales price disclosure 
report filed with a chief appraiser under this subchapter is a 
public record and must be made available on request for inspection 
and copying during normal business hours.
	(2)  On page 11, lines 11-12, strike "or by a title insurance 
company, lender, real estate agent, or attorney" and substitute "or 
by a person on behalf of the purchaser or grantee".
	(3)  On page 11, strike lines 13-16 and substitute the 
	(b)  A person who prepares a sales price disclosure report on 
behalf of a purchaser or grantee of the property described in the 
report is not liable to any person for preparing the report or for 
any unintentional error or omission in the report.