Amend CSHB 3 in ARTICLE 5 of the bill by adding the following 
appropriately numbered SECTION to PART A of the ARTICLE and 
renumbering subsequent SECTIONS of the part accordingly:
	SECTION 5A.__.  (a)  At the general election to be held 
November 8, 2005, the voters of this state shall be permitted to 
vote in a nonbinding referendum on the increases in the state sales 
tax rate under Section 151.051, Tax Code, as provided by Sections 
5A.01 and 5A.01A of this article.
	(b)  Notwithstanding Subsection (a), if an election is held 
before November 8, 2005, on one or more amendments to the Texas 
Constitution proposed by the 79th Legislature, the referendum 
required by this section shall be held on that date.
	(c)  The ballot for the referendum shall be printed to permit 
voting "Yes" or "No" on the following propositions:
		(1)  "Do you approve of the state sales tax rate 
increase to 6.5 percent?"; and
		(2)  "Should the state sales tax rate increase to a rate 
of 6.75 percent if the constitutional amendment proposed by S.J.R. 
No. 38, Acts of the 79th Legislature, Regular Session, 2005, is 
approved by the voters?".
	(d)  The proposition shall be printed on the ballot beneath 
any proposed constitutional amendments under the heading: 
"Nonbinding Statewide Referendum."
	(e)  Except as otherwise provided by this section, the 
election shall be conducted in the same manner as an election on a 
proposed amendment to the Texas Constitution.  If an election on one 
or more proposed constitutional amendments will be conducted on the 
same date, notice of the election on the referendum proposition 
shall be given by inclusion of the proposition in the proclamation 
by the governor ordering the election on the proposed 
constitutional amendments and in the notice of that election given 
by each county judge.
	(f)  Immediately after the results of the election are 
certified by the governor, the secretary of state shall transmit a 
copy of the certification to the lieutenant governor and the 
speaker of the house of representatives.
	(g)  It is the legislature's intention that the will of the 
people as reflected by the results of the election should be given 
the highest consideration by the legislature and the governor in 
acting to address the important issue of taxation in this state.