Amend CSHB 3 by adding the following SECTION to the bill and 
renumbering subsequent sections accordingly:
	SECTION ____.  (a)  This section applies to a suit brought by 
an entity subject to the tax under Chapter 171, Tax Code, as amended 
by this article, contending that the imposition of the tax on the 
entity is unconstitutional.
	(b)  The suit must be brought in a district court in Travis 
	(c)  The judgment of the district court may be reviewed only 
by direct appeal to the supreme court filed on or before the 15th 
day after the date the district court enters its judgment.  The 
district court shall try the suit and the supreme court shall hear 
any appeal relating to the suit as expeditiously as possible.
	(d)  If a final judgment upheld on appeal or no longer 
subject to appeal finds that the tax imposed under Chapter 171, Tax 
Code, is unconstitutional because of the requirements of Section 
24, Article VIII, Texas Constitution, all taxable entities, other 
than a corporation or limited liability company, shall pay the tax 
at the rate provided by Section 171.003.