Amend CSHB 3 as follows:                                                     
	(1)  In the introductory language to SECTION 4.19 (committee 
printing page 31, line 5), strike "Subsections (m), (n), and (o)" 
and substitute "Subsections (d-1), (m), (n), and (o)".
	(2)  In SECTION 4.19, insert a new Subsection (d-1) to 
Section 171.110, Tax Code (committee printing page 31, between 
lines 59 and 60), to read as follows:
	(d-1)  A real estate investment trust may, in determining its 
reportable federal taxable income for the purpose of this section, 
deduct dividends paid to shareholders.  In this subsection, a real 
estate investment trust is an entity that complies with Sections 
856-860, Internal Revenue Code.