Amend Floor Amendment No. 21 by Giddings to CSHB 7 by striking 
the text of that amendment beginning with the second line of the 
amendment and substituting the following:
	On page 140, between lines 16 and 17, insert the following:                    
CHAPTERS 843 AND 1301, INSURANCE CODE. (a) Notwithstanding any 
other provision of this chapter, the commissioner shall adopt rules 
to allow an injured employee required to receive health care 
services within a network to select a physician who, at the time of 
the employee's work-related injury, was:
		(1)  the employee's primary care provider under Chapter 
843, Insurance Code; or
		(2)  a member of the preferred panel of a group health 
network under Chapter 1301, Insurance Code, under the terms of the 
employee's group health insurance plan.
	(b)  A physician selected by an employee under this section 
		(1)  agree to comply with the terms and conditions of 
the workers' compensation network;
		(2)  agree to make all referrals within the workers' 
compensation network; and
		(3)  comply with the provisions of this chapter.                       
	(c)  Health care services provided by a physician under this 
section are considered to be network services and are subject to the 
provisions of this chapter.
	(d)  Any change of treating doctor requested by an injured 
employee being treated by a physician under this section shall be to 
a network doctor and is subject to the requirements of this chapter.