Amend Floor Amendment No. 25, by Bailey, to CSHB 7, by 
striking SECTION 1.415 and substituting the following:
	SECTION 1.415.  SECTION 411.081, Labor Code, is amended to 
read as follows:  
	Sec. 411.081.  TELEPHONE HOTLINE.  (a)  The department
[division] shall maintain in English and in Spanish a 24-hour 
toll-free telephone service for reports of violations of 
occupational health or safety law.
	(b)  Each employer shall notify its employees of this service 
in a manner prescribed by the commissioner [commission].
	(c)  The commissioner shall adopt rules requiring the notice 
under Subsection (b) to be posted:
		(1)  in English and Spanish;                                           
		(2)  in a conspicuous place in the employer's place of 
business; and 
		(3)  in a sufficient number of other locations 
convenient to all employees.