Amend CSHB 7 as follows:                                                     
	(a)  Section 406.033, Labor Code, is amended by adding 
Subsection (f) to read as follows:
	(f)  A cause of action described in subsection (a) may not be 
waived by an employee after the employee's injury or death unless 
the waiver:
		1.  is knowing and voluntary;                                          
		2.  is entered into no less than ten (10) business days 
after the initial report of injury, provided that the employee 
prior to the signing of the waiver has received a medical evaluation 
from a non-emergency care doctor; and,
		3.  is in writing so that the true intent of the parties 
is specifically stated in the four corners of the document.  The 
waiver provisions must be conspicuous and appear on the face of the 
agreement.  To be conspicuous, the waiver provisions must appear in 
type larger than the type contained in the body of the agreement or 
in contrasting colors.