Amend CSHB 7 on page 125, line 12 by inserting a new Section 
408A.0071 to read as follows:
SERVICES. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, 
the department by rule shall adopt a fee schedule for pharmacy and 
pharmaceutical services which will:
		(1)  provide reimbursement rates that are fair and 
		(2)  assure adequate access to medications and services 
for injured employees;
		(3)  minimize costs to employees and insurance 
carriers; and         
		(4)  prospectively resolve uncertainty existing upon 
the effective date of this amendment regarding the application of 
the requirements of this title to fees for medications and pharmacy 
services, including whether and how to apply the requirements of 
sections 413.011, 413.043, 415.005.
	(b)  Insurance carriers and health care provider networks 
must reimburse for pharmacy benefits and services using the fee 
schedule as developed by this section, or at rates negotiated in 
advance by contract."