Amend CSHB 2702 on page 2 by striking lines 7-11 and 
	(c)  Subsection (b) does not apply to money appropriated or 
		(1)  for a fixed rail guideway system constructed by a 
transit authority described by Chapter 451, a transportation 
authority described by Chapter 452 or 460, or a transit department 
described by Chapter 453; or
		(2)  for use by:                                                       
			(A)  a port authority or navigation district 
created or operating under Section 52, Article III, or Section 59, 
Article XVI, Texas Constitution; or
			(B)  a district created under Chapter 623, Acts of 
the 67th Legislature, Regular Session, 1981 (Article 6550c, 
Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes).