Amend CSHB 2702 by adding the following appropriately 
numbered sections to the bill and renumbering existing sections 
	SECTION ___.  Section 551.301, Transportation Code, is 
amended by amending Subdivision (2) and adding Subdivision (3) to 
read as follows:
		(2)  "Motor assisted scooter":                                         
			(A)  means a self-propelled device with:                              
				(i) [(A)]  at least two wheels in contact 
with the ground during operation;
				(ii) [(B)]  a braking system capable of 
stopping the device under typical operating conditions;
				(iii) [(C)]  a gas or electric motor not 
exceeding 40 cubic centimeters;
				(iv) [(D)]  a deck designed to allow a 
person to stand or sit while operating the device; and
				(v) [(E)]  the ability to be propelled by 
human power alone; and
			(B)  does not include a pocket bike or 
		(3)  "Pocket bike or minimotorbike" means a 
self-propelled vehicle that is equipped with an electric motor or 
internal combustion engine having a piston displacement of less 
than 50 cubic centimeters, is designed to propel itself with not 
more than two wheels in contact with the ground, has a seat or 
saddle for the use of the operator, is not designed for use on a 
highway, and is ineligible for a certificate of title under Chapter 
501.  The term does not include:
			(A)  a moped or motorcycle;                                           
			(B)  an electric bicycle or motor-driven cycle, as 
defined by Section 541.201;
			(C)  a motorized mobility device, as defined by 
Section 542.009;    
			(D)  an electric personal assistive mobility 
device, as defined by Section 551.201; or
			(E)  a neighborhood electric vehicle.                                 
	SECTION ___.  Subchapter D, Chapter 551, Transportation Code, 
is amended by adding Section 551.304 to read as follows:
MINIMOTORBIKE.  This subchapter may not be construed to authorize 
the operation of a pocket bike or minimotorbike on any:
		(1)  highway, road, or street;                                         
		(2)  path set aside for the exclusive operation of 
bicycles; or      
		(3)  sidewalk.