Amend CSHB 2702 by striking SECTION 2.02 of the bill 
(committee printing, page 6, lines 23-32) and substitute the 
	SECTION 2.02.  Section 201.115, Transportation Code, is 
amended by amending Subsections (a), (b), and (c) to read as 
	(a)  The commission may authorize the department to borrow 
money from any source to carry out the functions of the department.
	(b)  A loan under this section may be in the form of an 
agreement, note, contract, or other form as determined by the 
commission and may contain any provisions the commission considers 
appropriate, except:
		(1)  the term of the loan may not exceed two years;                           
		(2)  the amount of the loan, combined with any amounts 
outstanding on other loans under this section, may not exceed an 
amount that is two times the average monthly revenue deposited to 
the state highway fund for the 12 months preceding the month of the 
loan; and
		(3)  the loan may not create general obligation of the 
state and is payable only as authorized by legislative 
	(c)  If the department [commission] borrows money by the 
issuance of notes, the notes shall be considered a state security 
for purposes of Chapter 1231, Government Code [issued in accordance 
with the requirements of Subchapter N, except that the maturity 
limitations in Subsection (b) supersede the maturity limitations in 
Section 201.963].