Amend CSHB 2702 by adding the following appropriately 
numbered SECTION to ARTICLE 1 of the bill and renumbering 
subsequent SECTIONS accordingly:
	SECTION __.  Section 91.001, Transportation Code, is amended 
by amending Subdivision (6) and adding Subdivision (13) to read as 
		(6)  "Rail facility" means real or personal property, 
or any interest in that property, that is determined to be necessary 
or convenient for the provision of a freight or passenger rail 
facility or system, including commuter rail, intercity rail, [and] 
high-speed rail, and tri-track.  The term includes all property or 
interests necessary or convenient for the acquiring, providing, 
using, or equipping of a rail facility or system, including 
rights-of-way, trackwork, train controls, stations, and 
maintenance facilities.
		(13)  "Tri-track" means a triangular monorail beam 
			(A)  constructed at a grade above surface modes of 
			(B)  for use by dual-mode vehicles capable of 
using the guideway or a highway; and
			(C)  with entrances accessible from and exits 
accessible to highways.