Amend CSHB 2702 as follows:                                                  
	(1)  Strike SECTION 2.26 of the bill (committee printing, 
page 21, lines 40-50) and substitute the following:
	SECTION 2.26.  Subchapter A, Chapter 228, Transportation 
Code, is amended by adding Sections 228.005 and 228.0055 to read as 
	Sec. 228.005.  REVENUE OF TOLL PROJECT OR SYSTEM.  Except as 
provided by Subchapter C, toll revenue or other revenue derived 
from a toll project or system that is collected or received by the 
department under this chapter, and a payment received by the 
department under a comprehensive development agreement for a toll 
project or system:
		(1)  shall be deposited in the state highway fund; and                 
		(2)  is exempt from the application of Section 403.095, 
Government Code.
	Sec. 228.0055.  USE OF CONTRACT PAYMENTS.  Payments received 
by the department under a comprehensive development agreement may 
be used by the department to finance the construction, maintenance, 
or operation of a transportation project or air quality project in 
the region.
	(2)  In SECTION 2.32 of the bill, strike transferred, 
redesignated, and amended Section 228.053(f), Transportation Code 
(committee printing, page 24, lines 9-12), and substitute the 
	(f)  The revenue and disbursements for each toll [turnpike] 
project or system shall be kept separately.  The revenue from one 
[turnpike] project may not be used to pay the cost of another 
project except as authorized by Sections 228.0055 and 228.006 
[Section 361.189].