Amend CSHB 2702 by adding the following SECTION to the bill, 
and renumber subsequent SECTIONS accordingly:
	SECTION ___.  Section 455.004, Transportation Code, is 
amended by amending Subsections (a) and (b) to read as follows:
	(a)  A public transportation advisory committee consisting 
of 11 [nine] members shall:
		(1)  advise the commission on the needs and problems of 
the state's public transportation providers, including the methods 
for allocating state public transportation money;
		(2)  comment on rules involving public transportation 
during development of the rules and before the commission finally 
adopts the rules unless an emergency requires immediate commission 
		(3)  advise the commission on the implementation of 
Chapter 461; and        
		(4)  perform any other duty determined by the 
	(b)  The commission shall appoint members of the advisory 
committee.  The membership of the committee shall include:
		(1)  four members who represent a diverse cross-section 
of public transportation providers;
		(2)  three members who represent a diverse 
cross-section of transportation users; [and]
		(3)  one member with experience in the administration 
of health and human services programs; and
		(4) [(3)]  three [two] members who represent the general