Amend CSSB 743 by adding the following appropriately numbered 
	SECTION ____.  Subchapter D, Chapter 39, Utilities Code, is 
amended by adding Section 39.1519 to read as follows:
ERCOT accountability task force consists of:
		(1)  a former commissioner of the commission who 
resides in this state, or a current or former chairman of the 
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission who resides in this state, 
appointed by the governor, who serves as the presiding officer of 
the task force;
		(2)  the comptroller;                                                  
		(3)  a representative of the attorney general, if the 
attorney general chooses to designate a representative; and
		(4)  representatives of:                                               
			(A)  the comptroller's office;                                        
			(B)  the Department of Public Safety of the State 
of Texas;         
			(C)  the commission;                                                  
			(D)  the office; and                                                  
			(E)  the office of the state auditor.                                 
	(b)  The task force shall oversee the implementation of best 
management practices for the independent organization certified 
under Section 39.151 for ERCOT.  The task force may contract with 
independent fraud investigators or other experts as the task force 
determines is appropriate.  ERCOT shall pay the costs of task force 
contractors under this subsection.
	(c)  The task force shall present a report to the governor, 
the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of 
representatives, and the presiding officer of each legislative 
standing committee with jurisdiction over electric services not 
later than January 1, 2007.
	(d)  This section expires September 1, 2007.