Amend CSSB 743 as follows:                                                   

(1)  In the introductory language to Section 1 of the bill 	(House Committee printing, page 1, line 8), strike "and (n)" and 
substitute "(n), (o), and (p)".
	(2)  In Section 1 of the bill, following proposed Subsection 
(n), Section 39.151, Utilities Code (House Committee printing, page 
6, between lines 11 and 12), insert:
	(o)  An independent organization certified under this 
section is subject to Chapter 552, Government Code, as if it were a 
governmental body under that chapter.
	(p)  Information is excepted from the requirements of 
Section 552.021, Government Code, if the information is collected, 
assembled, or maintained by or for the independent organization:
		(1)  as part of the duty of the organization to support 
wholesale and retail electric markets and the information is 
competitively sensitive information of a third party that provides 
electric service within the transmission system managed by the 
independent organization that if disclosed, would give advantage to 
competitors or prospective competitors of the third party;
		(2)  for the purpose of maintaining the reliability of 
an electric transmission system that if disclosed, could provide 
information about security measures of the independent 
organization or information about the transmission system or a 
related control or communication system that could aid acts of 
terrorism or other criminal activity against the independent 
organization or the electric transmission system; or
		(3)  in relation to the development or construction of 
a system used by the independent organization to maintain the 
security and reliability of the transmission grid or in support of 
market systems or processes of the independent organization.