Amend SB 743 by inserting the following appropriately 
numbered new SECTION in the bill and renumbering the subsequent 
SECTIONS accordingly:
	"SECTION      .  Before implementing a new wholesale 
transmission and distribution market design, the Public Utility 
Commission of Texas shall provide to the Senate Committee on 
business and Commerce and the House Committee on Regulated 
Industries a report that contains:
		(1)  an executive summary and detailed description of 
the changes in the wholesale transmission and distribution market 
that the commission has ordered, including the effect the new 
market design is anticipated to have on local congestions costs:
		(2)  a list of entities, associations and groups that 
have submitted comments to the commission on the new market design, 
classified by whether the comments indicated support for or 
opposition to the new market design:
		(3)  a comparison of the new market design to any 
similar market design adopted in any other state:
		(4)  a time line for the implementation of the new 
market design, including estimated costs of implementation;
		(5)  the estimated increases in wholesale and retail 
electricity prices that will be caused in each county in this state 
by the new market design, projected over the first five years after 
the date the new design will be implemented; and
		(6)  the names, business addresses, and the telephone 
number of the Texas Nodal Team and any other quasi-official working 
group that recommends to the commission the adoption of the new 
market design."