Amend CSSB 1188 by adding the following appropriately 
numbered Sections to the bill and renumbering subsequent Sections 
of the bill accordingly:
	SECTION ___.  Section 531.102, Government Code, is amended 
by adding Subsections (j) and (k) to read as follows:
	(j)  The office shall prepare a final report on each audit or 
investigation conducted under this section. The final report must 
		(1)  a summary of the activities performed by the 
office in conducting the audit or investigation;
		(2)  a statement regarding whether the audit or 
investigation resulted in a finding of any wrongdoing; and
		(3)  a description of any findings of wrongdoing.                      
	(k)  A final report on an audit or investigation is subject 
to required disclosure under Chapter 552.  All information and 
materials compiled during the audit or investigation remain 
confidential and not subject to required disclosure in accordance 
with Section 531.1021(g).
	SECTION ___.  Section 531.1021, Government Code, is amended 
by amending Subsection (g) and adding Subsection (h) to read as 
	(g)  All information and materials subpoenaed or compiled by 
the office in connection with an audit or investigation are 
confidential and not subject to disclosure under Chapter 552, and 
not subject to disclosure, discovery, subpoena, or other means of 
legal compulsion for their release to anyone other than the office 
or its employees or agents involved in the audit or investigation 
conducted by the office, except that this information may be 
disclosed to the office of the attorney general, the state 
auditor's office, and law enforcement agencies.
	(h)  A person who receives information under Subsection (g) 
may disclose the information only in accordance with Subsection (g) 
and in a manner that is consistent with the authorized purpose for 
which the person first received the information.