Amend CSSB 1188 (House Committee Printing) by adding the 
following appropriately numbered SECTION to the bill and 
renumbering subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly:
	SECTION __.  PRESCRIPTION DRUGS.  Section 531.070(1), 
Government Code, is amended to read as follows:
	(1)  Each year the commission shall provide a written report 
to the legislature and the governor.  The report shall cover:
		(1)  the cost of administering the preferred drug lists 
adopted under Section 531.072;
		(2)  an analysis of the utilization trends for medical 
services provided by the state and any correlation to the preferred 
drug lists;
		(3)  an analysis of the effect on health outcomes and 
results for recipients;  [and]
		(4)  statistical information related to the number of 
approvals granted or denied;  and
		(5)  an analysis of the effect during the preceding year 
of the implementation of the Medicare Prescription Drug, 
Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 (Pub. L. No. 108-173) on 
the preferred drug list adopted under Section 531.072 and the prior 
authorization requirements under Section 531.073 applicable under 
the Medicaid vendor drug program.