Amend CSSB 1188 as follows:                                                  
	(1) Strike added Section 531.502, Government Code, (page 2, 
lines 2-9) and substitute the following:
	Sec. 531.502.  MAXIMUM PRICE.  The executive commissioner 
shall determine by rule the price of a prescription drug charged to 
an eligible person under the state pharmacy assistance program.  
The price may not exceed the sum of:
		(1)  the discounted acquisition price under the 
program; and         
		(2)  a reasonable dispensing fee.                                      
	(2)  Strike added Section 531.504(d), Government Code, (page 
4, lines 13-23) and substitute the following:
	(d)  The executive commissioner by rule shall specify 
inventory and recordkeeping requirements for participating 
	(3)  In added Section 531.505(a), Government Code (page 5, 
line 12-13) strike "an entity designated by the executive 
commissioner" and substitute "a physician who meets the 
requirements under Section 563.053, Occupations Code,".
	(4)  In added Section 531.505(b), Government Code (page 5, 
lines 16-17) strike "pharmacies or other".