By:  Goolsby                                                      H.B. No. 291

relating to victim notification regarding the release of certain defendants following acquittal by reason of insanity. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: SECTION 1. Section 4(d), Article 46.03, Code of Criminal Procedure, is amended by adding Subdivision (8) to read as follows: (8) Victim Notification of Release. If the court issues an order under Subdivision (4) or (5) that requires the release of an acquitted person on discharge or on a regimen of outpatient care, the clerk of the court issuing the order, using the information provided on any victim impact statement received by the court under Article 56.03 or other information made available to the court, shall provide name, address, and phone number information to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice victim services division to enable the division to notify the victim or the victim's guardian or close relative of the release. The victim services division shall notify any victim or guardian or close relative named in the victim impact statement or other information. Notwithstanding Article 56.03(f), the clerk of the court may inspect a victim impact statement for the purpose of notification under this subdivision. SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2005.