79R20224 UM-D

By:  Berman                                                     H.C.R. No. 233

WHEREAS, House Bill No. 2110 has been adopted by the house of representatives and the senate; and WHEREAS, The bill contains technical errors that should be corrected; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED by the 79th Legislature of the State of Texas, That the enrolling clerk of the house of representatives be instructed to correct House Bill No. 2110 in the SECTION of the bill that adds Section 30.05(h), Penal Code, by striking "has the meaning assigned by Section 46.15" and substituting the following: "means another state with which the attorney general of this state, with the approval of the governor of this state, negotiated an agreement after determining that the other state: (1) has firearm proficiency requirements for peace officers; and (2) fully recognizes the right of peace officers commissioned in this state to carry weapons in the other state".