H.R. No. 828

WHEREAS, The Reverend Felicia P. Hopkins was inducted into the El Paso Commission for Women Hall of Fame on March 11, 2005; and WHEREAS, Established in 1985, the commission is composed of El Paso citizens who are committed to the pursuit of equal rights and responsibilities for all women; inductees to the organization's Hall of Fame are recognized in one of five categories, including arts, civic leadership, education, professional, and public service; and WHEREAS, Selected for the professional category, Reverend Hopkins is an extraordinary religious leader, who serves the spiritual needs of the community of El Paso as associate pastor of St. Mark's Methodist Church and stands ready to assist her country as a military reservist; and WHEREAS, When first out of college, she had a successful career in the corporate world, but after surviving a battle with cancer, she decided to attend divinity school; she completed her master's degree and obtained a job at The University of Texas at El Paso, where she encouraged countless students to serve their communities; she also became an unpaid consultant at St. Mark's, where she now serves as associate pastor; and WHEREAS, A major in the U.S. Army Reserves, Reverend Hopkins was called to serve as chaplain at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany in 2002, where she ministered to more than 12,000 soldiers arriving from Iraq and Afghanistan; for a year, she worked long hours to provide spiritual comfort to the soldiers and their families on the base; currently, she is stationed at William Beaumont Army Hospital at Fort Bliss, where she ministers five days a week at the hospital; as associate pastor, she preaches two services on Sunday at St. Mark's and organizes a Women's Ministry Service once a month, which attracts citizens from across the city; and WHEREAS, Reverend Hopkins has deservedly received several honors, including being named the first El Paso Times Woman of the Year in 2003; she is a gifted speaker and pastor, who earns the respect and admiration of all who hear her with her delightfully quirky sense of humor and down-to-earth stories; and WHEREAS, The strength of our communities and the vitality of the State of Texas depend on the dedication of women like Felicia Hopkins; she uses her considerable talents and generous heart to serve others, and it is a pleasure to join in honoring her at this time; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 79th Texas Legislature hereby congratulate the Reverend Felicia P. Hopkins on her induction into the El Paso Commission for Women Hall of Fame and extend to her sincere best wishes for the future; and, be it further RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be prepared for Reverend Hopkins as an expression of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives. Chavez ______________________________ Speaker of the House I certify that H.R. No. 828 was adopted by the House on April 7, 2005, by a non-record vote. ______________________________ Chief Clerk of the House