DAILY HOUSE CALENDAR
                        Wednesday, April 20, 2005


                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 4    Grusendorf / Delisi / Eissler / Edwards / Flores / et al.
Relating to the use of technology and the purchase of instructional
materials by public schools.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 168    Deshotel
Relating to the hours for selling alcoholic beverages at certain

HB 240    Goolsby
Relating to the right of an adopted person to have access to the
person's original birth certificate.

HB 308    Hope
Relating to discipline in public schools and the assignment of
certain public school students involved in a sexual assault.

HB 384    Dutton / Edwards
Relating to placement of a child with a noncustodial parent or
relative to further the best interest of the child.

HB 492    Woolley / Chavez / Menendez / Hegar
Relating to personal finance education as a requirement for
graduation from public high school.

HB 567    Branch
Relating to the deadline for passing the examination for a license
to practice medicine in this state.

HB 599    Eissler
Relating to erecting certain outdoor signs; creating an offense;
providing penalties.

HB 600    Eissler
Relating to erecting certain signs on certain rights-of-way;
providing penalties.

HB 657    Bonnen / et al.
Relating to terminating the parent-child relationship of a parent
convicted of certain crimes.

HB 695    Leibowitz / Martinez / Eiland / Herrero / Vo
Relating to restrictions on the prices of certain consumer goods
and services during an abnormal disruption of the market.

HB 880    Delisi
Relating to attorney general review of certain contracts for health
care purposes.

HB 883    Seaman
Relating to the disposition of abandoned watercraft and the
construction of, and donation of materials for, artificial reefs.

HB 968    Keel / Naishtat / Dukes / Rodriguez / et al.
Relating to the creation of an additional judicial district in
Travis County.

HB 1174    Dutton
Relating to attorney's fees and costs in a proceeding to enforce an
order for the possession of or access to a child.

HB 1182    Dutton
Relating to the issuance of an administrative writ of withholding
for the enforcement of a child support obligation.

HB 1253    Kuempel
Relating to projects that may be undertaken by certain development
corporations for career centers.

HB 1546    McClendon
Relating to the administration and use of the Texas rail relocation
and improvement fund and the issuance of obligations for financing
the relocation, construction, reconstruction, acquisition,
improvement, rehabilitation, and expansion of certain rail

HB 1567    Ritter / Deshotel / Hamilton / Otto / Crabb / et al.
Relating to the transition to competition of certain electric
utilities outside of ERCOT.

HB 1601    Madden
Relating to the use of interpreter services in a criminal case.

HB 1677    Dukes
Relating to establishing a sentinel surveillance program for
respiratory syncytial virus.

HB 1734    Krusee
Relating to the use of municipal hotel occupancy taxes for the
enhancement and upgrading of sports facilities and fields by
certain municipalities.

HB 1752    Davis, John
Relating to the regulation of germicidal treatment of certain
bedding, materials, and upholstered items.

HB 1855    Giddings
Relating to the deletion of certain electronic records concerning a
customer who issues a check; providing a civil penalty.

HB 1912    Hupp
Relating to rates for medical services provided by the Department
of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

HB 1956    Menendez
Relating to the regulation of firefighters and fire departments by
the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

HB 1970    Raymond
Relating to reports and investigations of child abuse and neglect.

HB 2021    Casteel
Relating to the identification and administration of land located
in a future transportation corridor of a county.

HB 2039    Nixon / Van Arsdale
Relating to the adjudication of claims arising under written
contracts with local governmental entities.

HB 2070    Rose
Relating to a landowner's liability for injuries incurred during
certain recreational activities.

HB 2217    McCall
Relating to the management of public school land and the permanent
school fund.

HB 2297    Cook, Robby / et al.
Relating to penalties for repeat and habitual misdemeanor

HB 2475    Delisi
Relating to a cervical cancer initiative.

HB 2510    Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of on-site sewage disposal systems and
the maintenance of those systems; imposing administrative and
criminal penalties.

HB 2553    McCall
Relating to the publication of mobile service customer telephone
numbers by commercial mobile service providers; providing a civil

HB 2604    Guillen
Relating to preferences for veterans in state-funded job training
or employment assistance programs and services.

HB 3017    Orr / Hegar / Anderson / et al.
Relating to the procedure for initiating and the award of certain
costs in eminent domain proceedings.