DAILY HOUSE CALENDAR
                           Friday, May 6, 2005


                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 3029    Strama
Relating to eligibility of certain rural areas for certain state

HB 2215    Bailey / Elkins / Howard / Bohac
Relating to the operation of property owners' associations.

HB 1318    Dawson
Relating to the state providing grave markers for certain members
of the state military forces.

HB 1767    Cook, Robby
Relating to the regulation of veterinary medicine.

HB 2239    Luna
Relating to homeland security training and supplemental pay for
certain law enforcement officers.

HB 3181    Turner
Relating to the creation of the Central Harris County Regional
Water Authority; providing authority to issue bonds or notes;
granting the power of eminent domain; providing an administrative

HB 1952    Goodman
Relating to prohibiting a governmental body from disclosing a
person's social security number to a member of the public in
certain circumstances without the person's written consent.

HB 2668    Dutton
Relating to a prohibition against a private entity performing the
functions and duties of a local child support registry.

HB 2696    Anchia / Hartnett / Jackson, Jim / Vo / et al.
Relating to the licensing and regulation of massage therapy and
massage establishments and certain services related to massage;
providing penalties.

HB 2819    Rose
Relating to access to state electronic and information resources by
individuals with disabilities.

HB 879    Madden
Relating to the sale of tax receivables by a local government.

HB 2751    Hartnett
Relating to providing notice of the anticipated fiscal impact of
municipal charter amendments.

HB 1379    Jones, Jesse
Relating to the admissibility in a civil action of certain
information relating to identify theft.

HB 2837    Allen, Ray
Relating to the state's activities regarding education, vocational
training, and reintegration of offenders.

HB 2879    Keffer, Bill
Relating to requirements for certain amusement rides.

HB 3514    Eissler
Relating to the powers and duties of the Southwest Montgomery
County Improvement District.

HB 984    Reyna / McReynolds / Chavez
Relating to the care of elementary and secondary school students
with diabetes.

                 ******** RESOLUTIONS CALENDAR ********
                            HOUSE RESOLUTIONS

HCR 49    Davis, John / Taylor
Urging the United States Congress to fully fund NASA's budget
request for fiscal year 2006.