DAILY HOUSE CALENDAR
                         Wednesday, May 18, 2005


                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

SB 408    Nelson
         SP: King, Phil
Relating to the continuation, administration, and operations of the
Public Utility Commission of Texas.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

SB 637    Lindsay
         SP: Hamric
Relating to the precedence of certain county highway access rules
and ordinances over highway access management orders of the Texas
Transportation Commission.

SB 1331    Nelson
         SP: Denny / Geren
Relating to certain temporary wine and beer retailer's permits.

SB 1091    Madla
         SP: Miller
Relating to noxious and invasive plants; providing a criminal

SB 1137    Madla / et al.
         SP: Swinford
Relating to the development of the wine industry and other
businesses related to agriculture or tourism in this state.

SB 1339    Madla
         SP: Straus
Relating to the limitation on the sales and use tax rate of a
political subdivision in an advanced transportation district.

SB 1354    Estes
         SP: Keffer, Jim
Relating to the protection of water quality in watersheds
threatened by quarry activities; establishing a pilot program in a
certain portion of the Brazos River watershed; providing penalties.

SB 907    Whitmire
         SP: Woolley
Relating to authority of a peace officer to make an arrest outside
of the officer's jurisdiction or to seize property while making the

SB 1257    Lindsay
         SP: Callegari
Relating to the operation of a motor vehicle by a person who holds
a driver's license or a commercial driver's license.

SB 1850    Gallegos / et al.
         SP: Geren / Farrar / Goolsby / Thompson / Moreno, Joe E. / et al.
Relating to the regulation of certain businesses that sell beer or
beer and wine in certain counties; providing an administrative

SB 164    Wentworth
         SP: Hunter
Relating to the statutory requirements for the term and residency
of the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

SB 166    West, Royce
         SP: Keel
Relating to the effect of an expunction.

SB 363    Lindsay
         SP: Callegari
Relating to the general powers, authority, and boundaries and to
the directors of the West Harris County Regional Water Authority;
providing penalties.

SB 396    Seliger
         SP: Allen, Ray
Relating to the interagency exchange of information regarding
certain offenders with special needs.

SB 509    Armbrister
         SP: Geren
Relating to the repeal of the restriction on the amount of money in
the water infrastructure fund that may be used for certain purposes
in a fiscal year.

SB 517    Armbrister
         SP: Eiland
Relating to studies or projects concerning coastal erosion that may
be undertaken by the General Land Office in conjunction with
qualified project partners.

SB 651    Harris
         SP: Geren
Relating to the University of North Texas Health Science Center at
Fort Worth missing persons DNA database.

SB 679    Duncan
         SP: Keel
Relating to the procedure for determining the incompetency of a
defendant to stand trial.

SB 736    Brimer
         SP: Smith, Wayne
Relating to the authority of certain counties to apply a county
fire code to certain buildings.

SB 910    Whitmire
         SP: Keel
Relating to the repeal of certain obsolete laws defining and
regulating nitrous oxide as a volatile chemical.

SB 912    Shapiro
         SP: Allen, Ray / Zedler / Otto
Relating to the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

SB 1186    Nelson / et al.
         SP: Guillen / Noriega, Melissa
Relating to the effect that certain orders relating to family
violence and certain decisions regarding military service have on
residential leases; providing civil penalties.

SB 1465    Whitmire
         SP: Ritter
Relating to the use of certain electronically readable information
on a driver's license or identification certificate to comply with
certain alcohol and tobacco related laws; providing a penalty.

SB 1791    Whitmire
         SP: Keel
Relating to the prosecution of the offense of capital murder.

SB 579    Van de Putte / et al.
         SP: Corte
Relating to the eligibility of children of certain military
personnel to receive Texas B-On-time loans.