DAILY HOUSE CALENDAR
                          Thursday, May 19, 2005


                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

SB 427    Van de Putte
         SP: Vo
Relating to providing notification to a county voter registrar of
the change in boundaries of a political subdivision located in the

SB 91    Hinojosa / et al.
         SP: Riddle
Relating to the punishment imposed on certain defendants charged
with the offense of assault.

SB 945    Armbrister
         SP: Morrison
Relating to the filing of a disclosure statement by a vendor or
member of a governing body of a port authority or navigation
district; imposing a penalty.

SB 898    Carona
         SP: Hill
Relating to tax liability for property omitted from an appraisal

SB 1131    Hinojosa
         SP: Seaman
Relating to the conveyance of a ferry by the Texas Department of
Transportation to certain counties and local government

SB 224    Ellis
         SP: Wong
Relating to the eminent domain power of certain municipal
management districts.

SB 554    Duncan
         SP: Gattis
Relating to the liability of an ERISA-regulated employee benefit
plan under certain state law.

SB 611    Nelson
         SP: King, Phil
Relating to the electronic creation, transmission, and use of
certain documents related to the prosecution of a criminal offense.

SB 709    Carona
         SP: Guillen
Relating to the amount of a late charge or reinstatement fee under
a rental-purchase agreement.

SB 812    Deuell
         SP: Farabee
Relating to the powers of a community center.

SB 1052    Van de Putte
         SP: Talton
Relating to the disclosure of certain information from an early
voting roster; providing a penalty.

SB 1660    Carona
         SP: Hilderbran
Relating to the assumption of road district powers and duties by
certain municipal utility districts; authorizing bonds.

SB 1421    Gallegos
         SP: Bailey
Relating to eligibility for beginning positions in certain police
and fire departments.

SB 1494    Fraser
         SP: King, Phil
Relating to the unbundling of electric utilities in the transition
to competitive retail electric markets.

SB 1469    Whitmire
         SP: Keel
Relating to reporting the deaths of certain individuals.

SB 1203    Madla
         SP: Homer
Relating to the payment of certain ad valorem tax refunds.

SB 1495    Fraser / et al.
         SP: King, Phil
Relating to the securitization of the nonbypassable delivery rates
of transmission and distribution utilities.