DAILY HOUSE CALENDAR
                           Monday, May 23, 2005


                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

SB 422    Jackson, Mike
         SP: Grusendorf
Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Education
Agency and regional education service centers; providing a penalty.

SB 890    Williams
         SP: Nixon
Relating to the amount of recovery in a civil action.

SB 837    Wentworth
         SP: Keel
Relating to the insanity defense.

SB 60    Lucio / et al.
         SP: Goolsby / McClendon / Dutton / Keel / Talton
Relating to the representation of certain defendants in capital
cases and to the punishment for a capital felony or other felony
punishable by a term of imprisonment exceeding 99 years.

SB 1188    Nelson
         SP: Delisi
Relating to the medical assistance program and the provision of
related services.

SB 867    Staples
         SP: Otto
Relating to the application of the motor vehicle sales tax
emissions reduction surcharge on certain recreational vehicles.

SB 984    Van de Putte
         SP: Uresti
Relating to a feasibility study regarding the provision of
financial incentives to individuals who undergo training for child
protective services.

SB 1255    Brimer
         SP: Geren
Relating to the number of certain alcoholic beverage permits and
licenses that may be issued for a single location.

SB 47    Nelson
         SP: Delisi
Relating to the Medicaid fraud reduction pilot program.

SB 1704    Ellis / et al.
         SP: Hartnett / Gonzales / Solis / Alonzo
Relating to jury service.

SB 1570    Williams
         SP: Isett
Relating to the rate of interest on certain tax refunds.

SB 1408    Estes
         SP: Cook, Byron
Relating to wage claim disputes.

SB 1189    Wentworth
         SP: Hartnett / Gonzales / Alonzo / Casteel / Dawson
Relating to the creation, composition, jurisdiction, and procedure
of certain judicial districts, to the selection of a local
administrative district judge for certain counties, to the juvenile
board in certain counties, and to the district courts in certain

SB 40    Zaffirini
         SP: Dukes / Naishtat
Relating to permanency planning procedures for children residing in
state institutions.

SB 52    Nelson
         SP: Hupp
Relating to a competitive grant program for aging and disability

SB 1668    Estes
         SP: Baxter
Relating to the consideration of payments to an affiliate in
computing rates for electric utilities.

SB 244    Wentworth / et al.
         SP: Orr
Relating to priority of payment relating to property owners'
association assessments.

SB 327    Zaffirini / et al.
         SP: McCall
Relating to the installation, copying, or use of computer software
for unauthorized purposes; providing a penalty.

SB 882    Lucio
         SP: Allen, Alma / Naishtat
Relating to the Texas Council on Autism and Pervasive Developmental

SB 450    Wentworth
         SP: Baxter
Relating to the confidentiality of certain personal information
regarding the employees of a prosecutor's office or of an office
with jurisdiction over child protective services.

SB 23    Zaffirini / et al.
         SP: Kolkhorst / Naishtat
Relating to subsidized child-care services and early childhood care
and education program coordination.

SB 34    Zaffirini
         SP: Morrison
Relating to the tuition rebate program for certain undergraduates
at certain public institutions of higher education.

SB 96    Shapleigh
         SP: Solomons
Relating to the provision on the Internet of forms and permit or
license information by state agencies.

SB 111    Shapleigh / et al.
         SP: Smith, Todd
Relating to undergraduate course credit granted by public
institutions of higher education for the completion of certain
postsecondary-level programs by high school students.

SB 155    Shapiro / et al.
         SP: Eiland
Relating to the quality assurance accreditation process for certain
entities that offer health benefit plans.

SB 263    Williams
         SP: Otto
Relating to use of certain information relating to tax audits;
providing penalties.

SB 265    Williams
         SP: Keffer, Bill
Relating to certain continuing education requirements for insurance

SB 299    Wentworth
         SP: Menendez
Relating to the exception from required public disclosure of the
name of an applicant for the position of city manager of certain
home-rule municipalities.

SB 442    Hinojosa
         SP: Rose
Relating to immunity from liability for certain civil actions and
civil actions against sales agents.

SB 451    Wentworth
         SP: Hartnett
Relating to the qualifications for service as a grand or petit
juror and challenges for cause.

SB 573    Brimer
         SP: Casteel
Relating to the award of certain highway maintenance contracts by
the Texas Department of Transportation.

SB 593    Carona
         SP: Anchia
Relating to the governor's study of emerging technology and
economic development.

SB 623    Hinojosa
         SP: Pena
Relating to the authorized charges for providing a copy of public
information requested under the public information law.

SB 626    Zaffirini
         SP: Davis, John
Relating to medical assistance in certain alternative
community-based care settings.

SB 712    Carona
         SP: Cook, Robby
Relating to the legislature's goal for energy efficiency and
related energy efficiency programs.

SB 771    West, Royce
         SP: Hartnett
Relating to tax increment financing.

SB 806    Averitt
         SP: Swinford
Relating to appointed members of the State Soil and Water
Conservation Board.

SB 821    Lindsay
         SP: Hamric
Relating to an administrative cost for the enforcement of the
collection of tolls in certain counties.

SB 874    Nelson
         SP: Hupp
Relating to quality-of-care monitoring visits to long-term care

SB 1044    Janek
         SP: Eiland
Relating to efforts by coastal counties to mitigate coastal erosion
and improve public access to public beaches; authorizing the
issuance of bonds by coastal counties.

SB 1055    Janek
         SP: Davis, John
Relating to an alternative method of satisfying certain licensing
requirements for assisted living facilities.

SB 1074    Staples
         SP: Callegari
Relating to the authority of the Department of Public Safety of the
State of Texas or the public safety director to adopt rules in
connection with commercial motor vehicles.

SB 1149    Harris
         SP: Eiland
Relating to the electronic transmission of health benefit
information between a health benefit plan issuer and a physician or
health care provider.

SB 1271    Jackson, Mike
         SP: Eiland
Relating to fees for licenses issued by the Parks and Wildlife

SB 1297    Armbrister
         SP: Talton
Relating to the elements of the criminal offense of discharging
used oil into water in the state.

SB 1426    Gallegos
         SP: Riddle / Solis
Relating to fees charged to persons applying for the expunction of
certain offenses committed by minors.

SB 1433    Madla
         SP: Rodriguez
Relating to the conditions of employment for firefighters employed
by certain districts and entities; providing penalties.

SB 1507    Hinojosa
         SP: Pena
Relating to the introduction of certain evidence in the sentencing
phase of a capital felony case.

SB 1686    Estes
         SP: Hardcastle
Relating to the interagency work group on rural issues.