SUPPLEMENTAL HOUSE CALENDAR
                          Friday, April 22, 2005


                  ******** POSTPONED BUSINESS ********
                        UNTIL 2:00 PM on 4/21/05

HB 3020    Phillips
Relating to local government authorization of charitable
solicitation by a pedestrian.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                              THIRD READING

SB 101    Van de Putte
         SP: McClendon
Relating to efficiently administering and electronically monitoring
certain veterans' and dependents' tuition exemptions at
institutions of higher education.

                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 1690    Keel / Hill / Frost / Hodge / Nixon / et al.
Relating to common nuisance.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 116    Geren / Escobar / Cook, Byron / Leibowitz
Relating to the establishment of the farm and ranch lands
conservation program.

HB 148    Harper-Brown
Relating to the probationary period of persons appointed to
beginning positions in certain fire or police departments.

HB 214    Casteel
Relating to the authority of certain counties to impose a hotel
occupancy tax.

HB 252    Goodman
Relating to the use of parenting plans and parenting coordinators
in suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB 360    Talton
Relating to the punishment for the offense of aggravated assault.

HB 410    Goodman
Relating to the property interests of spouses in connection with
certain separate and community property.

HB 412    Turner / et al.
Relating to the use of credit scoring and credit history by certain
telecommunications and electric service providers.

HB 568    Campbell
Relating to a project authorized to be undertaken by certain
development corporations.

HB 585    Corte
Relating to the requirements for the incorporation of a
municipality in the extraterritorial jurisdiction of certain
existing municipalities.

HB 614    Puente
Relating to foster care payments for certain children.

HB 629    Solomons / et al.
Relating to notice required for a mechanic's, contractor's, or
materialman's lien in certain circumstances.

HB 720    Berman
Relating to the members of a local workforce development board.

HB 952    Delisi
Relating to a pilot program to provide health services to state
employees in state office complexes.

HB 1011    Hilderbran
Relating to the removal of the dedication for certain cemeteries.

HB 1135    Delisi / Naishtat / Luna / Guillen / Coleman / et al.
Relating to a Medicaid buy-in program for employed persons with

HB 1179    Dutton
Relating to the authority of an associate judge in certain family
law cases.

HB 1188    Hartnett / Anchia
Relating to the criteria for designation of a reinvestment zone for
purposes of tax increment financing and to the powers of a
municipality that has created a reinvestment zone.

HB 1332    McReynolds / Guillen / Martinez / Campbell
Relating to the regional emergency medical dispatch resource center
pilot program.

HB 1558    Davis, John
Relating to an alternative method of satisfying certain licensing
and program participation requirements for assisted living

HB 1588    Driver
Relating to the qualifications and removal of and continuing
education requirements for a constable.

HB 1676    Dukes
Relating to providing information about Respiratory Syncytial Virus
under certain continuing education programs.

HB 1745    Seaman
Relating to the disqualification of certain temporary employees for
unemployment compensation benefits.

HB 1759    Keel
Relating to the eligibility for jury-recommended community
supervision and to the conditions of community supervision for
certain defendants convicted of state jail felonies.

HB 1820    Otto
Relating to the requirements for reporting certain information to
the attorney general or the legislature.

HB 1901    Smith, Wayne
Relating to the maximum reservation for certain individual projects
of a portion of the state ceiling for private activity bonds.

HB 1951    Dawson / Bonnen
Relating to the creation of a judicial district composed of
Brazoria County.

HB 1958    Haggerty
Relating to the authority of certain persons to bring suit to
require an appraisal district or an appraisal review board to
comply with the property tax laws.

HB 1987    Bonnen
Relating to the regulation of underground and aboveground storage

HB 2024    Hilderbran / Guillen
Relating to hunter education.

HB 2032    Hilderbran
Relating to the expansion of the operation game thief program to
include certain other violations of law.

HB 2046    Puente
Relating to the applicability of the open meetings law to actions
taken by certain directors of a water district; providing a
criminal penalty.

HB 2096    Bonnen
Relating to the removal and disposal of certain vessels and
structures in certain locations; providing penalties.

HB 2331    Morrison
Relating to the emergency possession of certain abandoned children;
providing a penalty.

HB 2440    West, George "Buddy"
Relating to the regulation by the Railroad Commission of Texas of
activities associated with multiple accumulations of hydrocarbons
from which production by commingling of hydrocarbons is authorized.

HB 2491    Puente
Relating to the transfer of an ad valorem tax lien and to a
contract for foreclosure of an ad valorem tax lien.

HB 2555    Kuempel
Relating to the humane dispatch of certain game animals and game

HB 2926    Hamric
Relating to the procedure for listing property in the appraisal
records following certain ad valorem tax sales.

HB 64    McClendon
Relating to the automatic admission to public institutions of
higher education of certain undergraduate transfer students.

HB 183    Brown, Fred / Anchia / Callegari / McClendon /
             Gonzalez Toureilles
Relating to the prosecution of offenses involving the use of safety
belts and child passenger safety seat systems.

HB 698    McCall
Relating to the disposal of certain business records that contain
personal identifying information; providing a civil penalty.

HB 858    Kolkhorst / Cook, Robby
Relating to the issuance of a marriage license to applicants who
are unable to personally appear before the county clerk.

HB 943    Geren
Relating to evidence establishing ownership of a vessel for a
certificate of title issued by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

HB 1531    Jackson, Jim
Relating to telematics services excepted from private security

HB 2025    Hilderbran / Casteel
Relating to the transfer of jurisdiction over the National Museum
of the Pacific War and other historical sites from the Parks and
Wildlife Department to the Texas Historical Commission.

HB 2885    Giddings
Relating to an arrest warrant or complaint for the issuance of a
bad check.

HB 2892    Luna
Relating to conditions of employment for firefighters employed by
certain municipalities.

HB 3265    Straus / Pena
Relating to the declaration of a mistrial in the punishment phase
of a criminal proceeding.