SUPPLEMENTAL HOUSE CALENDAR
                         Wednesday, May 11, 2005


                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                              THIRD READING

SB 15    Janek / et al.
         SP: Nixon / Rose
Relating to civil claims involving exposure to asbestos and silica.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                              THIRD READING

SB 1593    Carona
         SP: Bailey
Relating to uniform law on documents of title.

SB 1621    Lindsay
         SP: Hamric
Relating to the tax rate for emergency services districts located
in certain populous counties.

SB 846    Janek
         SP: Chavez
Relating to distribution of recordings on consignment.

SB 1050    Van de Putte
         SP: Bailey
Relating to the promotional system for municipal civil service fire

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                              SENATE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

SB 350    Lindsay
         SP: Woolley
Relating to the establishment and use of a columbarium by a church
in certain municipalities.

                  ******** POSTPONED BUSINESS ********
                             UNTIL 10:00 AM

HB 1779    King, Phil
Relating to the continuation, administration, and operations of the
Public Utility Commission of Texas and the Office of Public Utility

HB 295    McClendon
Relating to the removal of a member of a junior college district
board of trustees for failure to attend board meetings.

HB 2705    Krusee
Relating to the authority of counties to issue bonds to construct,
maintain, or operate toll or nontoll projects or facilities on the
state highway system.

HB 2420    Chavez / Solis / Escobar
Relating to the allocation of federal funds directed to be used to
support graduate medical education in connection with the state
Medicaid program.

HB 2316    Miller
Relating to member restrictions for commissioners of the Texas
Workforce Commission.

HB 1093    Turner
Relating to the eligibility of certain inmates of the Texas
Department of Criminal Justice for medically recommended intensive

HB 2573    Callegari / Hegar / Casteel / Miller / Hamric / et al.
Relating to a motor vehicle financial responsibility verification
program; providing a penalty.

HB 3100    McReynolds
Relating to the regulation of the practice of nursing.

HB 116    Geren / Escobar / Cook, Byron / Leibowitz / et al.
Relating to the establishment of the farm and ranch lands
conservation program.

HB 3047    Veasey
Relating to emergency communication district participation in state
travel services contracts.

HB 879    Madden
Relating to the sale of tax receivables by a local government.

HB 1698    Puente
Relating to the authority of certain municipal electric utilities
to invest funds held in a decommissioning trust.

                 ******** MAJOR STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 2330    Morrison / Woolley / Branch / Goolsby / Eissler
Relating to the automatic admission of undergraduate students to
general academic teaching institutions.

HB 2876    Callegari / Gattis / et al.
Relating to certificates of public convenience and necessity for
water service and sewer service.

HB 1795    Crownover / Isett / Taylor / Eissler / Seaman / et al.
Relating to the creation of health savings accounts for certain
individuals eligible to participate in the insurance coverage
provided under the Texas Employees Group Benefits Act and their

HB 3333    Chavez
Relating to the sale or transfer of interest of real property to
certain federally recognized Indian tribes.

HB 3071    Goodman
Relating to the administration and collection of ad valorem taxes;
making procedural and technical corrections and clarifications to
the Tax Code, Property Code, and Civil Practice and Remedies Code.

HB 2030    Nixon
Relating to defining residency for purposes of eligibility to hold
or be a candidate for public office.

HB 2593    Baxter
Relating to the TexasOnline project, the TexasOnline Authority, and
related powers and fees.

HB 2988    Nixon
Relating to waiver of sovereign immunity.

HB 2702    Krusee
Relating to the construction, acquisition, financing, maintenance,
management, operation, ownership, and control of rail and highway
transportation facilities in this state.

HB 2568    Eiland
Relating to certain retired school employees and the powers and
duties of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

HB 2026    Hilderbran
Relating to the taking and possession of certain wildlife or eggs,
including requirements related to taxidermy and tanning and to
harmful aquatic plants; imposing a penalty.

HB 2233    Keffer, Jim
Relating to state and certain local fiscal matters.

                         HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTIONS
                             SECOND READING

HJR 79    Krusee
Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to
provide for a six-year term for a board member of a regional
mobility authority.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                              THIRD READING

HB 2842    Chisum
Relating to the provision of false information to an independent
public accounting firm by a public interest entity; providing a
criminal penalty.

HB 3253    Ritter
Relating to the use of certain electronically readable information
on a driver's license or identification certificate to comply with
certain alcohol and tobacco related laws; providing a penalty.

HB 1132    Haggerty
Relating to the regulation of and rights of private security
personnel; providing a penalty.

HB 843    Truitt / Riddle
Relating to the authority of certain counties to regulate the
construction of certain communication facilities in certain
circumstances; providing a penalty.

HB 2218    McCall
Relating to the regulation of money services businesses; providing
a penalty.

HB 209    Goodman
Relating to challenging an acknowledgment of paternity executed by
a minor.

HB 401    Villarreal
Relating to the use of volunteer income tax assistance programs by
persons who owe delinquent child support.

HB 3335    Hartnett
Relating to the report, delivery, and claims process concerning
certain unclaimed property.

HB 1921    Allen, Ray / Zedler / Otto
Relating to the civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

HB 2945    Eiland
Relating to participation in the optional retirement program by
certain employees of institutions of higher education.

HB 1765    Morrison / Ritter / Kolkhorst / Deshotel / McCall / et al.
Relating to the creation of programs and funding for emerging
technology industries.

HB 2894    Phillips
Relating to the marketing and sale of certain license plates by a
private vendor.

HB 3318    Brown, Betty
Relating to continuing education requirements for renewal of a
structural pest control business license.

HB 49    Smith, Todd
Relating to the punishment prescribed for certain repeat
intoxication offenders.

HB 2984    West, George "Buddy"
Relating to the composition of and use of money in the oil-field
cleanup fund.

HB 51    Smith, Todd / Pena / et al.
Relating to the punishment prescribed for and conditions of
community supervision imposed on certain persons who commit
intoxication offenses.

HB 251    Eissler
Relating to the release of certain information regarding a workers'
compensation claim.

HB 661    Branch / Flynn / Bonnen / Kolkhorst / Rodriguez / et al.
Relating to allowing designated public school libraries to
participate in group purchasing agreements with the TexShare
Library Consortium.

HB 2986    West, George "Buddy"
Relating to the informal resolution of certain proceedings
conducted by the Railroad Commission of Texas.

HB 726    Berman
Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of property
owned by certain law enforcement officer associations.

HB 2470    Delisi
Relating to the operations of and the funding mechanisms for
emergency medical services and trauma facility care in this state.

HB 1484    Talton
Relating to the penalty for failing to perform certain duties
following a vehicle accident.

HB 3057    Howard
Relating to the number of hours worked by a part-time fire
protection employee.

HB 1047    Chisum
Relating to the offense of failing to certify compliance of an
underground storage tank before accepting delivery of the regulated
substance to be stored in the tank.

HB 1037    Isett
Relating to the prosecution of the offense of unlawfully carrying a
handgun, illegal knife, or club.

HB 1584    Casteel / Solomons
Relating to requiring the operator of a vehicle storage facility to
accept certain forms of payment for the delivery or storage of a

HB 1330    Chisum
Relating to the creation of a dispute resolution program for state
building construction contracts.

HB 1238    Paxton / Hughes / Laubenberg
Relating to distribution of certain child support payments by the
state disbursement unit.

HB 1268    Bohac
Relating to the information included on a voter registration

HB 2933    Delisi / Isett / Callegari / Strama
Relating to standards of conduct for and conflicts of interest of
state officers and employees.

HB 1270    Bohac
Relating to the qualifications of a deputy voter registrar.

HB 867    Allen, Ray
Relating to the registration and supervision of sex offenders;
providing penalties.

HB 2201    Hughes / Hopson / Cook, Robby / Kolkhorst / Homer / et al.
Relating to implementing a clean coal project in this state.

HB 2959    Paxton
Relating to the use of federal child care and development block
grant funds by local workforce development boards.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 1823    Dutton / Farrar / Smith, Wayne
Relating to the rights of a purchaser under an executory contract
for conveyance of real property.

HB 2099    Dutton
Relating to investigations of reports of child abuse and neglect.

HB 2139    Phillips
Relating to certain agreements by the Texas Department of
Transportation involving pass-through tolls.

HB 2630    Hill
Relating to procedures regarding the removal and storage of

HB 2049    Swinford
Relating to assessments levied on producers and used for marketing,
education, research, and promotion of Texas beef.

HB 2866    Bailey
Relating to the right of certain municipalities to maintain local
control over wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of

HB 2915    Puente
Relating to the designation of river basins by the Texas Water
Development Board.

HB 3207    Zedler / Flynn
Relating to increasing the penalties for certain criminal offenses
involving an election.

HB 1829    Wong
Relating to authorizing private or independent institutions of
higher education to charge fees for processing or handling certain
payments or payment transactions.

HB 3208    Zedler / Flynn
Relating to the investigation of certain criminal conduct in
election matters.

HB 3048    Hopson
Relating to insurance coverage for certain structures.

HB 3468    Isett
Relating to an intensive reading and language intervention pilot

HB 2716    Swinford
Relating to equal employment opportunity reports.

HB 533    Howard
Relating to restrictions on the automatic renewal of contracts.

HB 1111    King, Phil
Relating to admission to open-enrollment charter schools that
specialize in performing arts.

HB 2941    Eiland
Relating to compensation of insurance agents.

HB 1232    Castro
Relating to the payment of certain expenses of a public project
financed by certificates of obligation.

HB 1449    Dutton / Goodman
Relating to suits affecting the parent-child relationship,
including proceedings for the establishment, modification, and
enforcement of child support; providing a civil penalty.

HB 1603    Bonnen
Relating to the authority of certain political subdivisions to
erect or maintain shore protection structures and the location of
the line of vegetation in relation to those structures.

HB 1763    Cook, Robby / Hope
Relating to the notice, hearing, rulemaking, and permitting
procedures for groundwater conservation districts.

HB 1826    Grusendorf
Relating to the use of school district resources for the
maintenance of real property not owned or leased by the district.

HB 1462    Flores
Relating to the referral by the Texas Water Development Board of
certain persons to another state agency, office, or division for
investigation or enforcement action.

HB 1854    Giddings
Relating to requiring debt collectors to provide a copy of a
dishonored check to certain consumers; providing a civil penalty.

HB 2492    Puente
Relating to the authority of certain persons to bring suit to
require an appraisal district or appraisal review board to comply
with applicable law.

HB 2639    Geren
Relating to the powers and duties of the Tarrant Regional Water

HB 211    Guillen / Noriega, Melissa / Martinez / Leibowitz
Relating to the effect that certain orders relating to family
violence and certain decisions regarding military service have on
residential leases.

HB 2339    Corte / Baxter
Relating to the provision of mail ballots to overseas voters and to
conforming adjustments to related dates, deadlines, and procedures.

HB 886    Seaman
Relating to commercial shrimp boat licenses and to the creation of
a gulf shrimp license moratorium program.

HB 884    Seaman
Relating to the creation of an oyster license moratorium program.

                ******** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR ********
                               HOUSE BILLS
                             SECOND READING

HB 2300    Turner
Relating to the authority of metropolitan rapid transit authorities
to enter into comprehensive development agreements.

HB 273    Farrar / Noriega, Melissa / Thompson / Vo / Moreno, Joe E.
Relating to the regulation of certain alcoholic beverage retailers;
providing an administrative penalty.

HB 275    Farrar / Noriega, Melissa / Thompson / Vo / Moreno, Joe E.
Relating to the application fee for wine and beer retailer's
permits and retail dealer's on-premise licenses.

HB 1252    Guillen / Escobar
Relating to providing services for persons with chronic kidney
disease under the medical assistance program.

HB 3169    Crownover
Relating to purchase of  equivalent membership service credit in
the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

HB 1896    Hodge / Madden / Allen, Ray / Haggerty
Relating to the application of laws awarding credit to an inmate
for time between release on and subsequent revocation of parole,
mandatory supervision, or conditional pardon.

HB 1321    Giddings / Gonzalez Toureilles
Relating to the prevention and punishment of identity theft and the
rights of certain victims of identity theft; providing penalties.

HB 1570    Taylor
Relating to certain health benefit plans.

HB 1342    Hochberg
Relating to the imposition of the sales and use tax on certain
sales made by individuals.

HB 1456    King, Tracy
Relating to the authority of the board of directors of the Maverick
County Hospital District to employ health care providers.

HB 1822    Kolkhorst
Relating to an offense of passing or avoiding a weigh station by
certain vehicle operators.

HB 2421    Chavez
Relating to the use of an employer assessment to fund the skills
development program and authorizing the Texas Workforce Commission
to develop new job incentive programs.

HB 2901    Hilderbran
Relating to a deer breeder's permit.

HB 3221    Callegari
Relating to the records of certain vehicle repairs, sales, and
purchases; providing penalties.

HB 3409    Rose
Relating to the application of the municipal civil service law for
firefighters and police officers to certain municipalities.

HB 1574    Miller / McCall / Raymond
Relating to the offense of fraudulent use or possession of a
person's identifying information.

HB 1655    Keffer, Jim / McReynolds / Bonnen / et al.
Relating to funding for the Texas statewide emergency services
personnel retirement fund.

HB 1481    Gattis
Relating to the offense of disobeying certain motor vehicle traffic
warning devices.

HB 1990    Talton
Relating to the regulation of bail bond sureties.

HB 2157    Smithee
Relating to the receivership of insurers in this state; providing

HB 2180    Anderson / Dawson
Relating to donees of anatomical gifts.

HB 615    Puente
Relating to a defendant's right to appear by counsel in certain
misdemeanor cases.

HB 1234    Paxton
Relating to the appointment of substitute trustees in certain

HB 2471    Delisi
Relating to authorizing the Department of State Health Services to
issue a single license for multiple hospitals.

HB 3152    Escobar / Hodge
Relating to procedures applicable to waivers of the right to

HB 3357    Delisi
Relating to certain information required to be contained in an
application for or renewal of a hospital license.

HB 1636    Allen, Ray
Relating to proof of residency for the purpose of obtaining a
license or permit issued by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

HB 1859    Uresti
Relating to a court's continuing jurisdiction to handle the
disposition of a felony case.

HB 3174    Truitt
Relating to the licensing and regulation of wholesale drug
distributors; providing penalties.

HB 31    Eissler
Relating to state assessment of public school students in social
studies in the fifth grade.

HB 630    Villarreal / Veasey / et al.
Relating to the distribution of federal earned income tax credit
information to persons receiving assistance or benefits under
certain health and human services programs.

HB 929    Dutton
Relating to disciplinary action taken against a person required to
file a death certificate.

HB 1726    Guillen
Relating to the amount of a late charge or reinstatement fee under
a rental-purchase agreement.

HB 1988    Talton
Relating to the penalty for overloading vehicles.

HB 2220    Paxton / Eiland
Relating to the transfer of an ad valorem tax lien and to a
contract for foreclosure of an ad valorem tax lien.

HB 3089    Dutton / Davis, John
Relating to contracts with private entities to finance, design,
construct, or operate state hospitals for persons with mental

HB 2629    Hill
Relating to a property owner's liability for, and the tax lien
securing, delinquent taxes, penalties, or interest on improvements
on land for which a tax certificate indicated no delinquent taxes,
penalties, or interest was due.

HB 2654    Krusee
Relating to the terms of directors of a regional mobility

HB 552    Phillips / Guillen
Relating to exempting certain military personnel from the hunter
education program.

HB 3309    Phillips
Relating to a violation of the suspension, refusal, or revocation
of a hunting license.

HB 2472    Delisi
Relating to disease management services under Medicaid managed

HB 2305    Casteel
Relating to the annexation of land for which property taxes are
imposed based on the land's value for agricultural or wildlife
management purposes.

HB 849    Brown, Betty
Relating to release by the Texas Education Agency of questions and
answer keys to assessment instruments.

HB 1445    Madden / Grusendorf / Delisi / Eissler / Hochberg / et al.
Relating to the creation and operation of a state virtual school
network to provide education to students through electronic means.

HB 11    Corte
Relating to the expulsion of students for assault of school