Thursday, April 7, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


             **********HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS**********

HB 232    Eissler
Relating to the exclusion from an emergency services district of
certain territory subject to assessments.

HB 258    Pena
Relating to authorizing a sports recreation and wellness facility
fee at The University of Texas-Pan American.

HB 503    Guillen / et al.
Relating to tuition and fee exemptions for certain military
personnel and certain children of those personnel.

HB 598    Blake / McReynolds
Relating to a recreational sports fee at Stephen F. Austin State

HB 604    Hopson
Relating to participation as an annuitant under the Texas Employees
Group Benefits Act.

HB 646    Otto
Relating to the provision of certain reports and records requested
by the attorney general.

HB 780    Solis / Escobar
Relating to the compensation of district judges in Cameron County.

HB 993    Gonzales
Relating to the installment payment of tuition and fees charged by
a public junior college or public technical institute for a summer

HB 994    Gonzales
Relating to the tuition charged for certain courses repeated by
students attending public junior colleges and public technical

HB 1045    Goolsby
Relating to amendments to the Texas Timeshare Act.

HB 1062    Naishtat
Relating to the availability of judges and magistrates for
proceedings related to chemically dependent persons.

HB 1063    Oliveira
Relating to a fee to support the wellness, recreational, and
fitness complex at The University of Texas at Brownsville.

HB 1142    Goodman
Relating to the jurisdiction of certain courts in Tarrant County.

HB 1201    Seaman
Relating to the appointment of certain temporary insurance agents.

HB 1224    Puente
Relating to a study of the effects of take-or-pay contracts on
water conservation.

HB 1225    Puente
Relating to the grounds for an exemption from cancellation of a
water right for nonuse.

HB 1332    McReynolds
Relating to the regional emergency medical dispatch resource center
pilot program.

HB 1339    Strama
Relating to the appointment of a voting proxy by a legislative
policy board member of a metropolitan planning organization.

HB 1350    Denny
Relating to the definition of a salvage motor vehicle.

HB 1412    Haggerty
Relating to the recreational facility fee at The University of
Texas at El Paso.

HB 1470    Hegar
Relating to the collection of certain administrative fees by a
community supervision and corrections department.

HB 1501    Casteel
Relating to the authority of a guardian of the estate of a ward to
make certain gifts of the ward's estate for estate planning

HB 1509    Denny
Relating to the requirements for the validity of a signature on
certain petitions.

HB 1622    Pitts
Relating to the creation of a county court at law in Hill County.

HB 1657    Hope
Relating to the administration by the Texas Water Development Board
of certain water-related programs financed by federal funds.

HB 2108    Berman
Relating to a student union fee at The University of Texas at

HB 2212    Quintanilla
Relating to the student union fee at The University of Texas at El

HB 2272    Farabee
Relating to a student recreational and health facilities fee at
Midwestern State University.

HB 2441    Leibowitz
Relating to the recreational facility fee at The University of
Texas at San Antonio.

HCR 36    Smith, Wayne / Escobar / Berman / Goodman / Zedler / et al.
Giving legislative authorization to a Vietnam War monument for the
Capitol grounds, subject to state law and rules of the State
Preservation Board.

HR 164    Gattis
Granting permission to Texas Aggie Muster to use the chamber of the
Texas House of Representatives on April 21, 2005.

HR 515    Swinford
Granting the Texas Junior College Student Government Association
permission to use the house chamber on April 17, 2005.