Thursday, April 14, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


             **********HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS**********

HB 22    Brown, Fred
Relating to the disposition of state agency surplus or salvage

HB 202    Goodman
Relating to certain marital property agreements.

HB 203    Goodman
Relating to consideration of taxes in the division of property in
the dissolution of a marriage.

HB 365    Hegar
Relating to the date of the election of directors for the Coastal
Bend Groundwater Conservation District.

HB 422    Casteel
Relating to park and recreation districts.

HB 594    Smithee
Relating to the Randall County Juvenile Board.

HB 706    Haggerty
Relating to the adoption of the Interstate Compact for Juveniles.

HB 731    Jackson, Jim
Relating to an electronic requisition system for counties.

HB 769    Smith, Wayne
Relating to the deadline for evaluating and ranking competitive
sealed proposals for certain construction services submitted to a
navigation district or port authority.

HB 828    Callegari
Relating to the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality over the issuance of certain district bonds.

HB 860    Casteel
Relating to charitable contributions by state employees to certain
General Land Office programs.

HB 950    Casteel
Relating to fees for filing certain documents with a county clerk.

HB 960    Smith, Wayne
Relating to the authority of a political subdivision to regulate
construction and renovation of structures owned by certain

HB 1107    Chavez
Relating to procedures for obtaining relief from local matching
funds requirements for highway projects.

HB 1136    Smith, Wayne
Relating to the designation of the portion of Spur 330 inside
Harris County as the Veterans Memorial Highway.

HB 1231    Castro
Relating to the authority of counties to establish petty cash

HB 1331    Chavez
Relating to the authority of a junior college district to contract
for the provision of certain services and resources under the
Interagency Cooperation Act.

HB 1549    Alonzo
Relating to certain warning signs required on certain premises.

HB 1602    Eissler
Relating to high deductible health plans.

HB 1645    Hughes
Relating to the designation of United States Highway 80 in this
state as the World War II Veterans Memorial Highway.

HB 1672    Howard
Relating to disposition of costs imposed in connection with the
collection and enforcement of certain tolls.

HB 1735    Krusee
Relating to souvenir license plates.

HB 1792    Naishtat
Relating to conforming the law concerning the removal of a guardian
of a ward to amendments made by the 78th Legislature.

HB 1814    Casteel
Relating to employment positions with the Texas Department of

HB 1817    Driver
Relating to the regulation of the practice of engineering.

HB 1905    Puente
Relating to the jurisdiction of county courts at law in Bexar

HB 2171    Cook, Robby
Relating to the volunteer fire department self-insurance fund.

HB 2179    Cook, Byron
Relating to the practice of professional surveying.

HB 2231    Reyna
Relating to the payment of child support to an individual with
actual primary possession of the child.

HB 2377    Swinford
Relating to the use of private firms by the Texas Building and
Procurement Commission in leasing space for state agencies.

HB 2379    Swinford
Relating to the allocation of certain state office space.

HB 2410    Bonnen
Relating to the membership and terms of the board of directors of
the Texas Environmental Education Partnership Fund.

HB 2420    Chavez / Solis
Relating to the allocation of federal funds directed to be used to
support graduate medical education in connection with the state
Medicaid program.

HB 2453    Casteel
Relating to the eligibility for a commercial establishment to have
its name displayed on a specific information logo sign.

HB 2457    Talton
Relating to the entrance requirements, base pay, and longevity pay
in certain municipalities for a police officer who has previous
experience as a police officer.

HB 2549    Nixon
Relating to validation of certain acts taken by the Westchase

HB 2565    Eiland
Relating to prohibiting rebates regarding certain insurance

HB 2619    Hegar
Relating to a program by the Office of Rural Community Affairs to
assist rural areas with the establishment of emergency services

HB 2645    Nixon
Relating to service of expert reports in health care liability

HB 2658    Krusee / Gattis
Relating to erecting an off-premise sign adjacent to and visible
from certain roads.

HB 2659    Krusee
Relating to bond requirements for privatized maintenance contracts.

HB 2761    Taylor
Relating to the amount of homeowners insurance required in
connection with certain financing arrangements.

HB 2814    Bonnen
Relating to the powers and duties of the Sweeny Hospital District.

HB 2870    Smithee
Relating to regulation of rates and forms used to write guaranty

HB 2871    Smithee
Relating to rates for certain insurance within certain rating

HB 2872    Smithee
Relating to the applicability of certain insurance laws to
multi-peril insurance policies.

HB 2913    Luna
Relating to the jurisdiction of the district courts in Nueces
County to receive guilty pleas in and dispose of certain
misdemeanor cases.

HB 2949    Geren
Relating to the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality to issue an emergency order authorizing certain action in
the event of a catastrophe.

HB 3101    Casteel
Relating to the filing for record of a plat or replat of a
subdivision of real property.

HB 3240    Paxton
Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of a residence
homestead held in a court-ordered trust.

HB 3475    Haggerty
Relating to the statutory probate courts of El Paso County.

HCR 24    Kolkhorst
Designating Navasota the Blues Capital of Texas.

HCR 30    Miller
Designating Dublin as the official Irish Capital of Texas.

            **********SENATE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS**********

SB 234    Harris / et al.
         SP: Smith, Todd
Relating to the appointment of grand jury bailiffs in Tarrant