Friday, April 29, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


             **********HOUSE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS**********

HB 161    McCall / Strama / Edwards / Paxton
Relating to an exemption from the sales tax for nonvehicular fuel

HB 175    Chisum
Relating to allowing a lodge or other local organization affiliated
with a grand lodge or similar charitable or benevolent institution
or order incorporated under state law to hold a charitable raffle.

HB 312    McReynolds
Relating to the additional tax imposed on land appraised for ad
valorem taxation as timber land that is claimed as part of a
residence homestead or diverted to certain other uses.

HB 381    Kolkhorst
Relating to the service area of the Blinn College District.

HB 506    Hilderbran
Relating to hunting on or over certain submerged land; providing a

HB 703    Elkins
Relating to the deferral of adjudication in cases involving certain
misdemeanor traffic offenses.

HB 788    Hardcastle
Relating to the jurisdiction of the district court and the transfer
of cases from the county courts in the 50th Judicial District to
the district court.

HB 831    Gonzales / Hartnett
Relating to the eligibility of certain appellate judges to retire
with full benefits.

HB 841    Kolkhorst
Relating to the rates charged by a municipally owned utility to
certain recreational vehicle parks for potable water or wastewater

HB 868    Ritter
Relating to the establishment of a Center for Excellence in Deaf
Studies and Deaf Education at Lamar University.

HB 1118    Eiland
Relating to operating a motor vehicle with a person riding in a
boat or personal watercraft being drawn by the vehicle; creating an

HB 1244    Hopson
Relating to specialty license plates for classic travel trailers.

HB 1248    Villarreal / Leibowitz
Relating to erecting an off-premise sign adjacent to and visible
from certain roads.

HB 1255    Coleman
Relating to an increased penalty for certain privileged parking

HB 1274    Hardcastle
Relating to the service area of the Ranger Junior College District.

HB 1391    Leibowitz / et al.
Relating to the creation and availability of a list of builders who
provide certain types of building services.

HB 1398    Jackson, Jim
Relating to the waiver of penalties and interest on a delinquent ad
valorem tax.

HB 1403    Deshotel
Relating to the board of port commissioners of the Port of Beaumont
Navigation District of Jefferson County.

HB 1409    Coleman / Hegar
Relating to the authority to change the name of component
institutions of The Texas A&M University System.

HB 1455    King, Tracy
Relating to hospital and medical care required to be provided by
the Maverick County Hospital District.

HB 1458    Bailey
Relating to the creation of the Airline Improvement District;
providing authority to impose a tax and issue a bond or similar

HB 1508    Denny
Relating to reporting of expenditures by persons registered as

HB 1606    Thompson
Relating to the level of municipal participation in contracts with
developers for public improvements.

HB 1647    Hughes
Relating to the appointment of a campaign treasurer and the filing
of reports by a political party's county executive committee that
accepts or makes a certain amount of political contributions or

HB 1653    Chisum
Relating to the approval, certification, and oversight of the
private sector prison industries program.

HB 1659    Chavez
Relating to the designation of certain areas of this state as
enterprise zones under the enterprise zone program.

HB 1698    Puente
Relating to the authority of certain municipal electric utilities
to invest funds held in a decommissioning trust.

HB 1800    Denny / Jones, Jesse
Relating to corrected reports, registrations, and statements filed
with the Texas Ethics Commission.

HB 1893    Eiland
Relating to authorizing a consumer credit reporting agency to
provide certain information if the information is needed to avoid a
violation of federal law.

HB 1997    Keffer, Jim
Relating to the creation of an appellate judicial system for the
Eleventh Court of Appeals District.

HB 2027    Hilderbran
Relating to the use of certain weapons in or on the beds or banks
of certain rivers and streams in particular counties; providing a

HB 2045    Puente
Relating to incorporation of a water supply and sewer service
corporation as a nonprofit corporation.

HB 2068    Anderson
Relating to the designation of certain state agencies as voter
registration agencies.

HB 2069    Anderson
Relating to contracts to provide election services to a political

HB 2071    Rose
Relating to the designation of U.S. Highway 281 as the American
Legion Memorial Highway.

HB 2200    Thompson
Relating to the appointment of certified court interpreters.

HB 2202    Hughes
Relating to prohibited conflicts of interest of registered

HB 2243    Jackson, Jim
Relating to the regulation of locksmiths and locksmith companies
under the Private Security Act.

HB 2257    Gallego
Relating to the speed limit on certain highways in rural counties.

HB 2293    Cook, Robby
Relating to the disposition of seized weapons.

HB 2322    Anchia / et al.
Relating to the electronic administration of state funds used for
voter registration.

HB 2335    Corte
Relating to certain duties of state agencies with regard to members
of the United States armed forces and their dependents and the
communities in which they reside.

HB 2348    Raymond
Relating to construction on a highway under the jurisdiction of the
Texas Department of Transportation by certain transit departments.

HB 2374    McClendon
Relating to the retirement system for firefighters and police
officers in certain municipalities.

HB 2401    Campbell / et al.
Relating to the eligibility of certain spouses of military
personnel for unemployment compensation.

HB 2414    Keffer, Jim
Relating to jury service in certain counties.

HB 2466    Swinford
Relating to recycling market development.

HB 2518    Coleman / et al.
Relating to the requirements of a mental health court program.

HB 2574    Hamric
Relating to the waiver of civil process continuing education
requirements for constables and deputy constables by the Commission
on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education.

HB 2581    Solomons
Relating to the regulation of a perpetual care cemetery and the
sale of interment rights in a mausoleum before completion of

HB 2622    Phillips
Relating to boating safety.

HB 2656    Krusee
Relating to the establishment of a state airport in Central Texas
by the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 2671    Hughes
Relating to the assignment of certain visiting judges.

HB 2685    Gallego
Relating to the acceptance of gratuities by certain employees of
the Parks and Wildlife Department.

HB 2746    Deshotel
Relating to the examination requirements for mold assessors and

HB 2807    Morrison / Berman / Corte / Escobar
Relating to vouchers for tuition and required fees at certain
institutions of higher education for students who sound "Taps" at a
veteran's funeral.

HB 2828    Hamric
Relating to the powers and duties of a navigation district or port

HB 2900    Hilderbran
Relating to the eligibility of certain persons for burial in the
state cemetery.

HB 2918    Kuempel
Relating to resumption of employment within the Texas Municipal
Retirement System by a person who has filed an application for

HB 2942    Eiland
Relating to license fees for commercial fish dealers and shrimp

HB 3113    Corte
Relating to performance incentive awards for certain employees of
state agencies who provide services to veterans.

HB 3163    Noriega, Melissa
Relating to the membership of the Texas Military Preparedness

HB 3227    Swinford
Relating to the management of state agency vehicle fleets.

HB 3262    Escobar
Relating to the validation of a governmental act or proceeding of
the Town of South Padre Island.

HB 3263    Hegar / Howard / Olivo
Relating to the powers and duties of the district attorney and
county attorney in Fort Bend County.

HB 3485    Oliveira
Relating to the establishment of criminal law hearing officers in
Cameron County.

            **********SENATE BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS**********

SB 129    Barrientos
         SP: Dukes
Relating to certain exceptions to the requirement that the operator
of a motor vehicle operated on a turnpike project pay the proper
toll or the full amount of the toll.

SB 177    Brimer
         SP: Veasey
Relating to the composition of a board of adjustment in certain

SB 541    Seliger
         SP: Keffer, Jim
Relating to posting on the Internet information regarding certain
residential property held by an appraisal district.

SB 692    Madla / et al.
         SP: Puente
Relating to the fee a county tax assessor-collector may charge for
assessing and collecting ad valorem taxes for certain river

SB 1342    Van de Putte
         SP: Campbell
Relating to unemployment compensation eligibility and chargebacks
regarding certain spouses of military personnel.