Thursday, February 10, 2005
                               10:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 73    Kolkhorst
Commemorating San Felipe as the birthplace of the Texas Rangers.

HR 81    Madden / Hill / Goolsby
Honoring Ron Robinson on his retirement as president of the
Richardson Chamber of Commerce.

HR 95    Martinez Fischer
Honoring A. J. Rodriguez on his election to the presidency of the
San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

HR 101    Giddings / Anchia / Alonzo
Honoring the members of Leadership Southwest on the occasion of
their visit to the State Capitol on February 16, 2005.

HR 104    Eissler
Congratulating Jaime and Diana Barrera of Montgomery County on the
birth of their New Year's baby, Jared.

HR 106    Giddings / McClendon / Dukes / Anderson / Dunnam / et al.
Memorializing Congress to posthumously bestow the Congressional
Medal of Honor upon Doris "Dorie" Miller and to request the U.S.
Postal Service to issue a commemorative postage stamp to honor

HR 108    Giddings
Honoring Curtistene S. McCowan of DeSoto on her retirement from the
Federal Trade Commission Southwest Region Office.

HR 114    Solomons
Honoring Prince of Peace Christian School in Carrollton.

HR 115    Solomons
Honoring Howard Wolf of Austin for his service on the Sunset
Advisory Commission.

HR 116    Solomons
Honoring John Shields, public member of the Sunset Advisory

HR 117    Bohac
Honoring Robert and Maebelle Good of Houston on their 70th wedding

HR 119    Bohac
Honoring John M. Sangree of Houston on attaining the rank of Eagle

HR 120    Bohac
Honoring Lutheran High North on its 25th anniversary.

HR 123    Raymond
Honoring Natalio Castillo of Laredo for his contributions to the
community of Webb County.

HR 124    Goodman
Honoring the Boys and Girls Clubs of Texas.

HR 128    Solis
Honoring Raul and Luz Gonzalez of Harlingen on their 50th wedding

HR 129    Solis
Honoring Julio and Eloina Charles on the 40th anniversary of Las
Vegas Cafi in Harlingen.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 82    Kolkhorst
In memory of David Shane Howard of Brenham, Texas.

HR 83    Brown, Fred
In memory of Dr. Frank E. Vandiver.

HR 85    Haggerty
In memory of the Honorable Gordon Reece Davis.

HR 86    Hunter
In memory of Walter Fred Johnson, Sr., of Abilene.

HR 89    Martinez Fischer
Honoring the life of David Trinidad Barrera.

HR 90    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Francisca D. Herrera.

HR 91    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Alfred Curiel of San Antonio.

HR 92    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Roy Huerta, Jr., of San Antonio.

HR 94    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Roman Rodriguez of Jourdanton.

HR 96    Martinez Fischer
Honoring the life of Robert Ross of San Antonio.

HR 97    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Mary Lou Tamez of San Antonio.

HR 98    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Lucy E. Terrell of San Antonio.

HR 99    Goolsby
In memory of William E. Peavy, Jr.

HR 118    Bohac
Honoring the life of Joseph Mulrooney of Houston.

HR 122    Anchia / Jackson, Jim / Giddings / Craddick / Alonzo
In memory of former State Representative Chris Semos of Dallas.