Thursday, February 24, 2005
                               10:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 202    Chavez
Honoring Mona Loper of El Paso for her contributions to the sport
of bowling.

HR 204    Crownover
Congratulating Jim Swan of Sanger on his induction into the
Retriever Hall of Fame.

HR 207    Corte
Honoring Susie Ransleben Villarreal of San Antonio on her
retirement from the Texas Department of Transportation.

HR 210    Martinez Fischer
Congratulating Cecilia Casarez of San Antonio on earning a Bank of
America Foundation Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Local Hero

HR 211    Martinez Fischer
Congratulating the congregation of West End Baptist Church of San
Antonio on the church's centennial.

HR 214    Hodge
Honoring Wendy Rohne of Dallas on her many contributions to her

HR 215    Goodman / Zedler / Grusendorf
Honoring the City of Arlington.

HR 217    Farabee
Honoring Dawn and Jim Haddox on the birth of their baby boy and
recognizing Kenneth Alexander Haddox as an Honorary Texan.

HR 220    Baxter
Honoring Dr. Rodolfo Alamia for being named by the American
Diabetes Association-Capital Area as its 2005 Patient Advocate.

HR 222    Raymond
Honoring Pete Astudillo.

HR 223    Geren
Honoring A. Dwain Mayfield on the occasion of his retirement from
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company in Fort Worth.

HR 227    Goolsby
Honoring Senior Corporal Lance Crawford on being named the Dallas
Police Association's 2004 Cops' Cop.

HR 229    Dawson
Congratulating Renee McGuire on being named 2004 Citizen of the
Year by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

HR 230    Dawson
Congratulating Gary Bucek on earning the Chairman's Award from the
Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

HR 231    Dawson
Congratulating the Pearland Independent School District on being
named 2004 Member of the Year by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

HR 232    Dawson
Congratulating A & A Cleaning Services on earning the 2004 Business
of the Year Award from the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

HR 233    Dawson
Congratulating Steve Friedman on being named 2004 Ambassador of the
Year by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

HR 234    Hamilton
Honoring Lola Burgess on her retirement as executive vice president
of the Silsbee Chamber of Commerce.

HR 238    Gonzalez Toureilles
Honoring Emily Shane of Beeville on her selection to the Texas
Music Educators Association Women's All-State Choir for 2005.

HR 239    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Eric Latcham of A. C. Jones High School in Beeville
for being named to the All-State Academic Football Team by the
Texas High School Coaches Association.

HR 240    Crownover
Honoring Tom Harpool for his contributions to the Denton community.

HR 241    Bonnen
Honoring Joseph Hughes Snow on being presented the Angleton Chamber
of Commerce Pioneer Award.

HR 248    Pena / Gonzales / Escobar
Congratulating Edinburg fire chief Shawn Michael Snider on his
election as fourth vice president of the State Firemen's and Fire
Marshals' Association of Texas.

HR 250    Pena / Gonzales / Escobar
Honoring Dr. Blandina Cardenas on her selection as president of The
University of Texas-Pan American.

HR 254    Hill
Honoring the 50th anniversary of the Richardson Police Department.

HR 256    Raymond
Honoring Los Pepitos Schoolhouse of Laredo, its current staff and
leader, Rosalinda Gonzalez, and the memory of its founder, Maria de
Socorro Ruiz Gonzalez.

HR 259    Martinez Fischer
Congratulating the San Antonio Police Department's SWAT team for
winning first place at the 2004 World SWAT Challenge.

HR 260    Martinez Fischer
Congratulating Olympic gold medalist Darold Williamson of San

HR 262    Naishtat
Honoring Project 2005 of The University of Texas at Austin.

HR 263    Naishtat
Congratulating Communities in Schools-Central Texas, Inc., on the
occasion of its 20th anniversary.

HR 265    Naishtat
Congratulating Donald M. Loving on his retirement as executive
director of Communities in Schools-Central Texas, Inc., in Austin.

HR 270    Gattis
Honoring Lance Corporal Justin Gower for his courageous service to
his country.

HR 274    Kolkhorst
Honoring Andra Kareem Manson of Brenham for his track and field

HR 275    Kolkhorst
Congratulating Kelly Kaminski of Bellville on winning the
barrel-racing championship at the National Finals Rodeo.

HR 282    Davis, Yvonne
Congratulating Dr. Mamie McKnight on her receipt of the Profiles in
Leadership Award of the SMU Women's Symposium.

HR 286    Berman
Honoring Richard J. DeSanto for his exceptional leadership as
chairman of the Mental Health Corporations of America, Inc., Board
of Directors.

HR 287    Orr
Honoring the Johnson County Junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair in
its 45th year.

HR 289    Dawson
Congratulating Carol Sue Gibbs of Bay City on being selected the
2004 Woman of the Year by the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and

HR 290    Dawson
Congratulating Kenneth Thames of Bay City on being named 2004 Man
of the Year by the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

HR 291    Dawson
Congratulating Clare Bowman on being named Educator of the Year by
the Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture.

HR 292    Craddick
Congratulating Charles and Douglas Ann Blue on their golden wedding

HR 293    Craddick
Congratulating Charlie and Bernice Passur on their golden wedding

HR 294    Craddick
Congratulating Bill and Bobbie Simmons on their 60th wedding

HR 295    Craddick
Congratulating Bob and Carolyn Clark on their 50th wedding

HR 296    Craddick
Congratulating Knoxie Gore and Charles Gore, Jr., on their 50th
wedding anniversary.

HR 297    Craddick
Congratulating David and Shirley Halfmann on their 50th wedding

HR 298    Craddick
Congratulating George and Doris Schwartz on their 50th wedding

HR 299    Craddick
Congratulating A. D. and Mary Reed on their 50th wedding

HR 300    Craddick
Congratulating Jack and Dorothy Stovall on their 50th wedding

HR 301    Craddick
Congratulating Gaylon and Dora Lee Winkler of Monahans on their
50th wedding anniversary.

HR 302    Craddick
Congratulating Horace and Alto West on their 65th wedding

HR 303    Craddick
Congratulating Otto and Ida Lisenbee on their 72nd wedding

HR 304    Craddick
Congratulating Lance and Amelia Furlow on their 68th wedding

HR 305    Craddick
Congratulating Otha and Veneda Brown on their 50th wedding

HR 306    Craddick
Congratulating Dale and Dorothy Kidd on their 60th wedding

HR 307    Craddick
Congratulating Hank and Thelma Myers on their golden wedding

HR 308    Craddick
Congratulating Eddie and Cleta Hughes on their golden wedding

HR 309    Craddick
Congratulating Layton and Joyce Oliver on their golden wedding

HR 310    Craddick
Congratulating Carlos and Guadalupe Perez on their golden wedding

HR 311    Craddick
Congratulating Dick and LaVera Mitchell on their golden wedding

HR 312    Craddick
Congratulating Gib and Sarah Sherman on their golden wedding

HR 357    Hughes
Congratulating Harrison Westmoreland of Marshall for winning first
place in the 125 Amateur Class of the Texas Cross Country Racing

HR 358    Hughes
Commending Mildred Castell of Marshall on her retirement and
congratulating Mildred and Harvey Castell on their 57th wedding

HR 362    Cook, Byron
Honoring the Reverend Dairy G. Johnson on the occasion of his 20th
anniversary with Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church in Corsicana.

HR 364    Anchia
Honoring Arturo Violante of Arlington for his civic and
professional accomplishments.

HR 365    Anchia
Honoring Reginald Gates of Dallas.

HR 367    Bohac
Commemorating the grand opening of the Czech Cultural Center

HR 368    Bohac
Honoring Wally and Barbara Bircher of Houston on their 50th wedding

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 206    Quintanilla
In memory of Alicia Montes of San Elizario.

HR 208    Quintanilla
In memory of Manuel Trejo of El Paso.

HR 209    Quintanilla
In memory of Katherine Guerra of San Elizario.

HR 216    Casteel
Honoring the life of Marine Lance Corporal Tony Leigh Hernandez of
Canyon Lake.

HR 219    Pena / Gonzales
In memory of Benito G. Rodriguez of Edinburg.

HR 221    Raymond
In memory of U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Juan Rodrigo Rodriguez of

HR 226    Goolsby
In memory of Edmund Reynolds Wood of Dallas.

HR 245    Bohac
In memory of Ralph Edward Smith, Sr., of Houston.

HR 253    Smith, Wayne / Taylor
Honoring the life of William Frank Crocker of Galveston County.

HR 261    Martinez Fischer
In memory of Roger Anthony Flores II of San Antonio.

HR 268    Gattis
In memory of Calvin Luther Chance, Sr., of Williamson County.

HR 269    Gattis
In memory of Amy Lynn Donovan of Georgetown.

HR 271    Gattis
In memory of Sergeant Michael Luke Boatright of Liberty Hill.

HR 273    Kolkhorst
Honoring the life of Mary Pilger Giles of Iola.

HR 277    Dukes
In memory of Roy Evans.

HR 278    Quintanilla
In memory of Mike Franco of Clint.

HR 279    Quintanilla
In memory of Guillermo D. Franco of Clint.

HR 280    Quintanilla
In memory of William Holland Rutherford, Jr., of El Paso.

HR 283    Ritter
Honoring the life of Anthony Joseph Ippolito of Port Arthur.

HR 314    Smith, Wayne
In memory of Nancy Riley Whatley Mundinger of Baytown.

HR 315    Gallego
In memory of Bill Golden of Alpine.

HR 363    Anchia
In memory of U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Nazario Serrano of Irving.

HR 366    Bohac
Honoring the life of Major Leo Telchik, Sr., U.S. Army (Ret.), of

HCR 47    Dukes / et al.
Concurrent resolution honoring the life of civil rights leader
James Leonard Farmer, Jr.

HCR 62    Hughes
In memory of Dr. Edmund Whetstone Robb, Jr., of Marshall.

HCR 67    Pena
In memory of Dr. Carlos Ramon Saca of Edinburg.