Thursday, March 17, 2005
                               10:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 275    Kolkhorst
Congratulating Kelly Kaminski of Bellville on winning the
barrel-racing championship at the National Finals Rodeo.

HR 464    Gonzalez Toureilles
Recognizing February 28, 2005, as McMullen County Day at the State

HR 569    Chavez
Congratulating Lisa and Major Jason Barnett of Fort Bliss on their
beautiful family and commending them for their inspirational

HR 573    Brown, Betty
Congratulating Malakoff on the occasion of its sesquicentennial.

HR 576    Anchia
Commending Roxan Simms Staff of Dallas for her accomplishments.

HR 581    Gonzales
Honoring Mayor Leo Montalvo of McAllen for his years of service to
his community.

HR 582    Gonzales
Congratulating H. F. "Jackie" Dyer on his retirement as
superintendent of Mission CISD.

HR 583    Madden
Congratulating the Prestonwood Christian Academy girls' volleyball
team on winning the TAPPS 5A state championship.

HR 586    Geren
Congratulating the Texas House staff team on its win in the 12th
Capitol Cup football game.

HR 587    Campbell
Honoring Tamra Brown of San Angelo on being named one of the top
youth volunteers in Texas for 2005.

HR 589    Jones, Jesse
Recognizing the African American Texas state legislators and
constitutional delegates of 1868-1900 for their courage and public

HR 594    Dukes
Honoring the organizers and participants in the Young Women of
Destiny program.

HR 595    Farabee
Honoring the recent restoration of the Marchman Hotel in Wichita

HR 600    Phillips
Recognizing March 30, 2005, as Trucking Day at the State Capitol.

HR 603    Gallego
Honoring John A. Sheedy IV on being named Del Rio's Firefighter of
the Year.

HR 606    Gallego
Congratulating Joey De Luna on being named the 2004 Firefighter of
the Year by the Val Verde County Rural Volunteer Fire Department.

HR 607    Gallego
Honoring the International Good Neighbor Council on its 50th

HR 609    Gallego
Honoring Claudio and Edelmira Sotelo of Del Rio on the occasion of
their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 612    Hardcastle
Congratulating Tom Moorhouse of Benjamin, Texas, on his induction
into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

HR 613    Hardcastle
Commemorating the Great Western Trail.

HR 614    Baxter
Congratulating Ro Parra of Austin on his horse being named the
Texas Champion 2-Year-Old Filly.

HR 617    Martinez
Congratulating Veterans Middle School students Carlos and Amanda
Valdez of Donna on qualifying for the regional spelling bee.

HR 621    Martinez
Honoring David Carr and Irma Lopez on the opening of Tastee
Temptations bakery in Pharr.

HR 623    Hegar
Honoring Dr. Alfred N. Poindexter of Houston on the occasion of his
retirement from Prairie View A&M University.

HR 624    Allen, Ray
Honoring Vernon and Ruthe Jackson of Grand Prairie on their 60th
wedding anniversary.

HR 625    Martinez
Honoring Olga H. Maldonado on being named chief of police of the
city of Mercedes.

HR 627    Cook, Byron
Honoring the Texas Thoroughbred Association for its promotion of
responsible ownership of Thoroughbreds.

HR 628    Cook, Byron
Honoring Steve and Caroline Hicks of Cedarcrest Farm in Palestine
on Capote's Prospect being named the leading third-crop sire in
Texas for 2004.

HR 629    Harper-Brown
Honoring James Spriggs of Irving on his retirement as president of
the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce.

HR 631    Hodge
Honoring the James Madison High School Trojans football team on its
outstanding season.

HR 634    Hughes
Honoring Kelly Jordan of Mineola on winning the 2005 Wal-Mart FLW
Tour season opener.

HR 635    Hughes
Honoring Chesley and Iris Tipton of Big Sandy on the occasion of
their 65th wedding anniversary.

HR 636    Truitt
Congratulating the Carroll High School football team for winning
the UIL Class 5A State Championship and for being named the
national high school football champions.

HR 639    Jones, Jesse / Giddings
Congratulating Betty Culbreath-Lister on earning the Weselene Wiley
Inspirational Award for Lifetime Achievement.

HR 640    Martinez
Honoring Georgina Guerrero on being named Miss Mercedes for 2005.

HR 641    Jones, Jesse / Alonzo / Anchia / Davis, Yvonne / Giddings
Honoring State Representative Terri Hodge on her receipt of the
2005 Spirit of the Centennial Award from the Friends of Fair Park.

HR 643    Gonzales
Honoring Mayor Pro Tem Carlos I. Garza for his contributions to the
city of McAllen.

HR 646    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Rick Del Bosque of Alice on receiving an MLK
Humanitarian Award presented by the mayor of Alice.

HR 649    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Newell W. Atkinson III of Alice on his receipt of an
MLK Humanitarian Award presented by the mayor of Alice.

HR 650    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Celia Barrera of Alice on her receipt of an MLK
Humanitarian Award presented by the mayor of Alice.

HR 651    Gallego
Honoring Joe E. Dueqez, Richard D. Urban, Jr., and Bobby White for
their courageous actions.

HR 652    Gallego
Honoring the Texas Lyceum Association on the occasion of its 25th

HR 655    Gallego
Commemorating the restoration of the Val Verde County Courthouse.

HR 656    Gallego
Honoring Joni M. Jordan of Del Rio on her receipt of the U.S. Air
Force Distinguished Employment Opportunity Award.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HCR 89    Grusendorf
In memory of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

HR 572    Anderson
In memory of Hazel Whitlow Hobbs of Waco.

HR 575    Hilderbran
In memory of former Kerr County Judge William Gillespie Stacy, Jr.

HR 579    Keel / Rodriguez
In memory of U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Nicholas Samuel Valdez
Perez of Austin.

HR 590    Jones, Jesse
In memory of William Frederick Kennedy, Sr., of Dallas.

HR 596    Cook, Byron
In memory of Clyde E. Johnson, Sr., of Corsicana.

HR 598    Hopson
In memory of Lena Robertson.

HR 601    Gallego
In memory of Dr. Roberto Antonio Cuellar of Del Rio.

HR 602    Gallego
In memory of James "Jim" Murdoch of Del Rio.

HR 604    Gallego
In memory of Sidney "Sid" Walker Cowan, Jr. of Del Rio.

HR 605    Gallego
In memory of Roxie Bess Brockman Bradley of Del Rio.

HR 608    Gallego
In memory of Felix R. Barrera, Jr., of Del Rio.

HR 610    Gallego
Paying tribute to the San Felipe Del Rio Veterans Honor Guard.

HR 615    Baxter
Paying tribute to the life of Lieutenant Joseph Bonnell, hero of
the Texas Revolution, and commemorating the placement of a
historical marker at his grave site.

HR 632    Hodge
In memory of Anthony Wayne Howard of Gatesville.

HR 638    Jones, Jesse
In memory of Theodore Wallace.

HR 642    Gonzales
In memory of James W. "Bill" Van Burkleo, Jr., of McAllen.

HR 647    Gonzalez Toureilles
Paying tribute to the late Walter Johnson of Alice on the
presentation in his honor of an MLK Humanitarian Award from the
mayor of Alice.

HR 648    Gonzalez Toureilles
Paying tribute to the late Virginia Vaughan of Alice on the
presentation in her honor of an MLK Humanitarian Award from the
mayor of Alice.

HR 653    Gallego
In memory of Maxine Haislip of Terlingua.

HR 654    Gallego
In memory of C. M. Kahl of Marfa.

HR 659    Cook, Robby
In memory of Charlyne Jo Stephens Spanihel of Eagle Lake.