Thursday, March 31, 2005
                               10:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 406    Craddick
Congratulating Richard M. "Dick" and Mary Pemberton of Midland on
their 75th wedding anniversary.

HR 407    Craddick
Honoring Wayne and Ginny Piette on the occasion of their 50th
wedding anniversary.

HR 408    Craddick
Honoring Charles and JoAnn Schoolcraft of Midland on the occasion
of their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 409    Craddick
Honoring Bennie and Sue Richey of Midland on the occasion of their
50th wedding anniversary.

HR 410    Craddick
Honoring E. V. and Frances Scott of Midland on the occasion of
their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 411    Craddick
Honoring Alex and Ila Ewing of Midland on the occasion of their
60th wedding anniversary.

HR 412    Craddick
Honoring Isabel and Billie R. Proctor, Sr., on the occasion of
their 60th wedding anniversary.

HR 413    Craddick
Recognizing Clarence and Mary Johnson of Midland on their 50th

HR 414    Craddick
Honoring Robert and Leota Birth of Midland on the occasion of their
60th wedding anniversary.

HR 415    Craddick
Honoring Arnold and Charlene Keune of Lamesa on the occasion of
their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 416    Craddick
Honoring Barry and Helen Tisdale of Midland on their 50th wedding

HR 417    Craddick
Honoring Sanford and Patsy Boardman of Lamesa on their 50th

HR 560    Hardcastle
Honoring four members of the Root family for achieving the rank of
Eagle Scout.

HR 562    Chavez
Honoring Navy Corpsman Jose Ramos of El Paso for his service to his
country and his indomitable spirit.

HR 563    Chavez
Honoring Suzie Azar, who served as the first female mayor of El

HR 564    Chavez
Congratulating Virginia E. Price of El Paso on her receipt of the
REACH Award from the YWCA El Paso Del Norte Region.

HR 565    Chavez
Honoring the Mission Impossible bowling team of El Paso.

HR 566    Chavez
Honoring Diego Martinez of El Paso for his courageous fight against

HR 567    Chavez
Honoring James Holt for his missionary work in Africa.

HR 568    Chavez
Honoring Meredith Garmon and LoraKim Joyner of El Paso on their
work as ministers.

HR 660    Hilderbran
Honoring the Chinese National Treasures limited world tour art

HR 661    Anchia
Honoring Jerry Nicholson of Dallas for his contributions to his

HR 662    Chavez
Congratulating Mark Pierce on his receipt of an award from the
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of El Paso.

HR 663    Chavez
Honoring Belen Robles of El Paso for her civic leadership.

HR 664    Chavez
Honoring Barbara Funkhouser of Las Cruces, New Mexico, on her
accomplishments as the first woman to be named editor of the El
Paso Times.

HR 671    Smithee
Commending Shirley Hutzler for her contributions to her industry
and recognizing her as the inaugural recipient of the TAHU "Hutzler
Legislative Excellence Award."

HR 675    Smith, Todd
Honoring the leaders and members of the L. D. Bell Blue Raider
Marching Band on their outstanding performances.

HR 682    Dutton
Honoring the Reverend Robert Staggers, Jr., on 35 years of pastoral
service as he retires from Northside Antioch Baptist Church in

HR 684    Hardcastle
Congratulating John and Evelyn Box of Bryan on the occasion of
their 59th wedding anniversary and his 91st birthday.

HR 686    Wong
Formally announcing the birth of Chloe Chelsea Choudhury of Houston
and congratulating her parents, Tanaz and Chesley Choudhury.

HR 689    Anchia
Honoring Nina G. Vaca of Dallas on her selection as chair of the
Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

HR 692    Gonzalez Toureilles
Congratulating Lupe Martinez on his receipt of a Martin Luther
King, Jr., Humanitarian Award from the office of the mayor of

HR 697    Nixon
Honoring Catherine Cecelia Hartberger of Houston on her 90th

HR 700    Hughes
Honoring Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins on the occasion of
Founders'/Homecoming Week on March 16-20, 2005.

HR 705    Uresti
Honoring the Parent Association for the Retarded of Texas for its
work in behalf of Texans with mental retardation.

HR 708    Zedler
Recognizing Daniel Miller of Arlington, the designer of the
commemorative Texas state quarter.

HR 710    Zedler
Congratulating Fort Worth District Clerk Tom Wilder on earning the
Best Practices Award from the Texas Association of Counties.

HR 711    Zedler
Congratulating Gary Hardee on his receipt of the 2004 Richard
Greene Community Service Award from Young Men for Arlington.

HR 712    Zedler
Congratulating Jeff Williams on his receipt of the 2004 Tom
Vandergriff Leadership Award from Young Men for Arlington.

HR 714    Zedler
Congratulating Donna Darovich on her retirement as director of
public affairs for The University of Texas at Arlington.

HR 720    Guillen
Honoring H-E-B in Rio Grande City.

HR 721    Flynn
Honoring John and Debbie Phillips of the Life Choices program for
their efforts in behalf of America's youth.

HR 723    Veasey
Honoring members of the Tuskegee Airmen on the occasion of their
visit to Fort Worth.

HR 725    Orr
Congratulating Paul Sutton of Mansfield and William Pettit of
Burleson on the success of Charming Socialite, a 2004 Texas
champion racehorse.

HR 726    Raymond
Congratulating Communities in Schools of Laredo on its 15th

HR 728    Jones, Jesse
Honoring Willie Russell of Kerens on his 100th birthday.

HR 738    Hughes
Honoring State Representative Dan Flynn on being named the Van
Zandt County Citizen of the Year and commending him for his
exemplary service to his community and state.

HR 739    King, Phil
Honoring Edgbert Hudson of Bridgeport for his courage as a prisoner
of war during World War II.

HR 743    McClendon
Honoring Ester Mae Bennett of San Antonio on her 90th birthday.

HR 744    McClendon
Commending University of Texas student Candice Johnson on her many
outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements.

HR 747    Kolkhorst
Honoring Hester Smith Lockett of Brenham on her 100th birthday.

HR 750    Baxter
Honoring Dr. Gerald Mann on his retirement as senior pastor of
Riverbend Church in Austin.

HR 751    Baxter
Honoring Westlake High School's AP Physics program.

HR 756    Farabee
Congratulating Hirschi Math Science IB Magnet High School in
Wichita Falls for receiving the national Magnet School of
Excellence Award.

HR 757    Farabee
Honoring the Wichita Falls Rotary Club for its contributions to the
Children of the Dump project.

HR 764    Orr
Honoring Gene Harris on his company's receipt of the Burleson Area
Chamber of Commerce Business Dynamic Award and on his contributions
to his community.

HR 767    Solis
Congratulating the Lopez High School Band in Brownsville on being
invited to perform for the 2005 Administrators' Midwinter
Conference on Education.

HR 768    Solis
Honoring Benito Ochoa, Jr., and Maria de Rosario Ochoa of Port
Isabel on their 55th anniversary.

HR 771    Gallego
Honoring Pastor Edward Goodman Eskew on his 79th birthday and for
his contributions to his community.

HR 773    Anchia
Honoring Thabiti Olatunji for his service to the North Park

HR 774    Anchia
Honoring Mary Lou Montes Zijderveld for her exemplary contributions
to the Dallas community.

HR 775    Anchia
Honoring Gary Turner of Dallas on his contributions to his

HR 777    Otto
Congratulating Richard and Alice Dziubanek of Livingston on their
50th wedding anniversary.

HR 779    Zedler
Honoring John Washington on his retirement as a  Mansfield school

HR 780    Dawson
Congratulating the Palacios Community Medical Center on its receipt
of the Business of the Year Award for 2004 from the Palacios
Chamber of Commerce.

HR 781    Dawson
Honoring Matagorda County Judge Greg Westmoreland on being elected
chair of the Houston-Galveston Area Council for 2005-2006.

HR 782    Dawson
Congratulating Kathy Nichols of Palacios on being named the 2004
Woman of the Year by the Palacios Chamber of Commerce.

HR 783    Dawson
Honoring Craig A. Wallis on being named the 2004 Man of the Year by
the Palacios Chamber of Commerce.

HR 785    Wong
Congratulating St. Thomas' Episcopal School in Houston on its 50th

HR 786    Wong
Honoring Dr. Bill S. Chen of Houston for his success in business on
the 15th anniversary of New Era Life Insurance Companies and
commending him for his myriad efforts in behalf of his fellow

HR 787    Wong
Congratulating Harry Gee, Jr., of Houston on his receipt of the
Houston Bar Association Auxiliary 18th Annual Leon Jaworski Award.

HR 788    Hardcastle
Honoring the Graham Rotary Club on the occasion of the 100th
anniversary of Rotary International.

HR 792    Martinez Fischer
Congratulating J. Rolando Bono of San Antonio on becoming interim
city manager.

HR 801    Gonzales
Honoring Jacqueline Padron on being named the Youth of the Year by
the Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg.

HR 802    Gonzales
Honoring Glen Edward Roney of McAllen for his contributions to the
Boys & Girls Club.

HR 803    Gonzales
Honoring Rita Kathryn Roney of McAllen for her contributions to the
Boys & Girls Club.

HR 804    Phillips
Honoring the 50th anniversary of the Sam Rayburn Library and Museum
in Bonham on December 9, 2005.

HCR 74    Solomons
Honoring the 56th Brigade Combat Team of the 36th Infantry
Division, Texas National Guard, for its courageous service in Iraq.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 674    Rose
In memory of U.S. Army Specialist Viktar V. Yolkin of Central

HR 676    Smith, Todd
In memory of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Kyle Andrew Eggers.

HR 678    Cook, Byron
In memory of Judge Kenneth A. Douglas of Corsicana.

HR 687    Wong
In memory of Gee H. Moy Woo of Houston.

HR 688    Wong
In memory of Juiping H. Chu of Houston.

HR 702    West, George "Buddy"
In memory of A. R. "Happy" Dyer of Odessa.

HR 706    Uresti
In memory of Dr. Hector X. Samaniego, Sr., of San Antonio.

HR 724    Menendez
In memory of San Antonio native Ray Rangel, a U.S. Air Force staff
sergeant and firefighter.

HR 733    Denny
In memory of Curtis Lynn Raburn of Denton.

HR 737    Berman
Remembering Captain Jack Golden on the 60th anniversary of his

HR 740    Berman
In memory of Mark Alan Wilson of Tyler.

HR 758    Hopson
In memory of Marion Jackson "Jack" Maxwell of Tyler.

HR 763    Geren
In memory of Dwaine A. Johnson of Fort Worth.

HR 778    Anchia
In memory of the Honorable Horacio Sabas Ramirez of Hebbronville.

HR 784    Wong
In memory of Whitt Franklin Johnson of West University Place.

HR 789    Hardcastle
In memory of former National Rifle Association vice president and
Firearms Coalition founder Neal Knox, of Manassas, Virginia.

HR 795    Rose / Gonzales
In memory of Luciano Flores of San Marcos.

HR 800    Gonzales
In memory of James Cole Abbott of McAllen.

HR 805    Phillips
In memory of Richard Monroe Pruett of Sherman.

HR 807    Smith, Wayne
In memory of Thurman F. Watson of Baytown.

HCR 102    Menendez
In memory of G. W. Worth, Jr., of San Antonio.