Thursday, April 7, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 810    Chavez
Honoring the El Paso Sun Bowl Association for its contributions to
the sport of football and to El Paso and the surrounding region.

HR 811    Chavez
Commending the Ysleta Independent School District in El Paso for
its outstanding educational achievements.

HR 812    Chavez
Honoring Lupe Casillas-Lowenberg of El Paso for her artistic
accomplishments and contributions to the city.

HR 813    Wong
Honoring David Gockley for his tenure with the Houston Grand Opera.

HR 814    Crownover
Congratulating the members of Brave Combo on receipt of their
second Grammy Award.

HR 818    Madden
Congratulating Brian and Jennifer Green of Richardson on the birth
of their son, Tyson Vaughan Green.

HR 819    Taylor / et al.
Honoring the Friendswood High School girls basketball team and its
source of inspiration, Neal McClaugherty, on another successful

HR 820    Hill
Congratulating Dr. Stephen K. Mittelstet of Dallas on 25 years as
president of Richland College.

HR 824    Leibowitz
Congratulating the William H. Taft High School Lady Raiders
basketball team of San Antonio for reaching the semifinals of the
2005 UIL state championships.

HR 825    Chavez
Congratulating Suzie Azar on her induction into the El Paso
Commission for Women Hall of Fame.

HR 826    Chavez
Congratulating Patricia D. Quinn on her induction into the El Paso
Commission for Women Hall of Fame.

HR 827    Chavez
Congratulating Lillian Williams Crouch on her induction into the El
Paso Commission for Women Hall of Fame.

HR 828    Chavez
Congratulating the Reverend Felicia P. Hopkins on her induction
into the El Paso Commission for Women Hall of Fame.

HR 829    Chavez
Congratulating Becky Duval Reese on her induction into the El Paso
Commission for Women Hall of Fame.

HR 831    McClendon
Welcoming the alumni reunion of Central High School in Parkin,
Arkansas, to San Antonio.

HR 833    Zedler
Congratulating Timothy Daniel Jackson on becoming an Eagle Scout.

HR 838    Craddick
Congratulating Clevy and Leona Hancock of Midland on their 67th
wedding anniversary.

HR 839    Craddick
Congratulating Jack and Yvonne Scarbrough of Midland on their 50th
wedding anniversary.

HR 840    Craddick
Honoring Merejildo and Felipa Heredia of Midland on their 70th
wedding anniversary.

HR 841    Craddick
Honoring Cecil and Dorothy Sain on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 849    Cook, Byron
Congratulating native Texan Billy Yates of the New England Patriots
on his notable athletic achievements.

HR 852    Raymond
Honoring Brizuela Leather Goods & Shoe Repair and Brizuela's Shoe &
Boot Repair for their longstanding service to the people of Laredo
and commending Eduardo Brizuela and his family for their
achievements in business.

HR 853    Raymond
Honoring Daniel Lopez for his contributions to the Laredo business

HR 858    Otto
Congratulating the Cleveland High School Lady Indians basketball
team for winning second place in the 2005 UIL state championship.

HR 859    Otto
Honoring Meta Garvey Thomas of Cleveland, Texas, for her decades of
service to the Cleveland Independent School District.

HR 864    Castro
Congratulating Alexandria Escobedo of San Antonio on her acceptance
into the Joint Admission Medical Program.

HR 865    Flynn
Recognizing Texas Paralegal Day on October 23, 2005, and welcoming
the members of the Texas Alliance of Paralegal Associations to the
Capitol on April 15, 2005.

HR 867    Laubenberg
Recognizing March 23, 2005, as Texas Nursing Students' Association
Day at the State Capitol.

HR 868    Hughes
Congratulating the Gilmer High School Buckeyes football team for
winning the Class 3A Division II state championship.

HR 870    Hughes
Congratulating Lt. Gerard "Greg" Mandreger on being named Upshur
County emergency management coordinator.

HR 871    Hughes
Honoring Bill Palmer for his military service during World War II.

HR 872    Chavez
Congratulating Judge Edward Marquez of El Paso on his receipt of
the Lucy G. Acosta Humanitarian Award.

HR 873    Chavez
Honoring C. S. "Dusty" Rhodes of El Paso for his service to his

HR 874    Chavez
Recognizing the Border Fair Housing and Economic Justice Center in
El Paso during Fair Housing Month in April.

HR 876    Chavez
Congratulating Terry Hammond of El Paso on his receipt of the Lucy
G. Acosta Humanitarian Award.

HR 877    Chavez
Congratulating Gary Hedrick of El Paso on his receipt of the Lucy
G. Acosta Humanitarian Award.

HR 878    Castro
Commemorating the dedication of Nani Falcone Community Park and
paying tribute to its namesake for his myriad contributions to the
city of San Antonio.

HR 882    Moreno, Joe E.
Congratulating Leopold R. Moreno on receiving the Bronze Star

HR 883    Truitt
Congratulating Given Kachepa of Colleyville on his receipt of a
2005 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

HR 886    Herrero
Congratulating Daniel and Ruby Roberts on the occasion of their
50th wedding anniversary.

HR 889    King, Tracy
Honoring Dale L. Bates of San Angelo for his contributions to
promoting weather modification technologies in Texas.

HR 890    Hughes
Honoring the ALERT cadets for their contributions to the tsunami
relief efforts.

HR 894    Jones, Jesse
Honoring the Reverend Michael D. Pryor for serving as Pastor of the
Day for the Texas House of Representatives.

HR 896    McCall
Honoring students, volunteers, and staff of Hedgcoxe Elementary
School in Plano for their participation in Chez Snoopy.

HR 897    McCall
Congratulating the Prestonwood Christian Academy girls' soccer team
for winning the TAPPS Division II state championship.

HR 898    McCall
Honoring Mary Alice Skaggs of Celina for her dedication to teaching
on the occasion of her 97th birthday.

HR 901    Oliveira
Honoring Joseph W. Norris, P.E., of Harlingen on his 50th birthday
and commending him for his significant contributions to the state
as a professional engineer.

HR 903    Jones, Jesse
Commending Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, on the occasion
of its members' visit to the State Capitol.

HR 904    McClendon
Honoring the San Antonio Youth Council of the NAACP on the occasion
of its sixth annual Youth Image Awards Banquet.

HR 906    Van Arsdale
Honoring St. Edward's University student Renee Elizabeth Etheridge
on her 20th birthday.

HR 942    Keel
Recognizing April 10-16, 2005, as Texas Crime Victims' Rights Week.

HCR 129    Hilderbran
Recognizing the 125th anniversary of the Y. O. Ranch.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 269    Gattis
In memory of Amy Lynn Donovan of Georgetown.

HR 271    Gattis
In memory of Sergeant Michael Luke Boatright of Liberty Hill.

HR 382    Gattis
In memory of Corporal Joseph E. Fite of Round Rock.

HR 749    Baxter
In memory of Erleen Farris Martin of Lago Vista.

HR 760    Hopson
In memory of Crawford Godfrey of Jacksonville.

HR 761    Hopson
In memory of Norris Starkey of Jacksonville.

HR 762    Hopson
In memory of Barbara Greig of Jacksonville.

HR 821    Rose
In memory of Lenora Dorsett.

HR 822    Bailey
In memory of Sam Polk, Jr., of San Antonio.

HR 830    Hodge
In memory of John Anthony Allegro of Dallas.

HR 850    Chavez
In memory of Gary Del Palacio of El Paso.

HR 854    Raymond
In memory of U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Adolfo Lopez of Laredo.

HR 857    Naishtat
In memory of Maurice Miller of Austin.

HR 875    Chavez
Honoring the life of Maria del Socorro Ramirez.

HR 881    Moreno, Joe E.
In memory of Antonio Ramirez of Clute.

HR 891    Kuempel
In memory of U.S. Army Sergeant Barry Kenneth Meza of Seguin.

HR 892    Kuempel
Honoring the life of U.S. Army Reserve Specialist Lauro Garcia DeLeon III
of Floresville.

HR 893    Jones, Jesse
In memory of Julia Scott Reed of Dallas.

HR 899    McCall
In memory of Arthur John Martin of Plano.

HR 905    McClendon
In memory of U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Michael Battles, Sr.,
of San Antonio.

HR 907    Hilderbran
In memory of Chuck Tait of Kerrville.

HCR 125    Hartnett
In memory of former State Representative Frederick Joseph Agnich of

HCR 126    Craddick
In memory of Clayton McKinney of Midland, retired Texas Ranger and
chief deputy of the Midland County Sheriff's Office.