Friday, April 22, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 985    Guillen
Honoring Tomas Cantu of Fronton on his contributions to the
environmental health of the Rio Grande Valley.

HR 986    Martinez
Honoring Sebastian Zarate of Laredo for his contributions to the
breeding and training of Azteca horses.

HR 987    Martinez
Honoring Alfredo Gomez of Weslaco for winning the Texas Kids Aviation Art
Calendar Contest.

HR 988    Martinez
Honoring members of the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School
District for their participation in the UIL State Wrestling
Championships in Austin.

HR 989    Martinez
Commending Jannice Vela of Weslaco for supporting the U.S. troops
in Iraq and Afghanistan through the "Project for the Troops."

HR 990    Martinez
Commending Jena Segura of Weslaco for supporting the U.S. troops in
Iraq and Afghanistan through the "Project for the Troops."

HR 991    Martinez
Congratulating James Bowie Elementary School in the Pharr-San
Juan-Alamo Independent School District on being named an
"exemplary" school by the Texas Education Agency and featured as a
High Performing School on the National Just for the Kids website.

HR 993    Dukes
Commending the Travis County foster care system and area foster

HR 994    Dukes
Honoring the American Society of Safety Engineers for promoting
workplace health and safety on the occasion of North American
Occupational Safety and Health Week, May 2-7, 2005.

HR 997    Chavez
Congratulating the communication department of the Socorro
Independent School District on its honors received from the Texas
School Public Relations Association.

HR 998    Chavez
Congratulating the communication department of the Canutillo
Independent School District on its awards from the Texas School
Public Relations Association.

HR 1002    Smith, Wayne
Honoring Paul D. Cook of Austin for his exemplary service to the
Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

HR 1003    Smith, Wayne
Commending Robert Gillette of Baytown for his exceptional public

HR 1004    Smith, Wayne
Commending Jim Nichols, P.E., for his years of service as chairman
and board member for the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

HR 1010    Brown, Betty
Honoring U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Richard Nolan of Terrell for
his courageous service in behalf of his country.

HR 1011    Brown, Betty
Honoring participants in the American Rodeo Experience tour of

HR 1014    Straus
Congratulating John Heard for being named a top youth volunteer in
Texas for 2005 in the 10th annual Prudential Spirit of Community

HR 1016    Goolsby
Honoring Wayne James of Arlington on his retirement from the Texas
Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association.

HR 1019    Hopson
Honoring Janie and Troy Brown of Longview on the birth of their
daughter, Emma Grace Brown.

HR 1020    Craddick
Recognizing the centennial of Lamesa becoming the county seat of
Dawson County.

HR 1021    Craddick
Honoring Gayle and Nova Reeves of Midland on their 50th wedding

HR 1022    Craddick
Honoring Warren and Carol Hastings of Midland on their 50th wedding

HR 1023    Craddick
Honoring Dean and Frances Penick of Midland on their 60th wedding

HR 1024    Craddick
Honoring Audie and Betty Porter on the occasion of their 50th
wedding anniversary.

HR 1025    Craddick
Honoring Homer and Theresa Lowe of Midland on the occasion of their
60th wedding anniversary.

HR 1032    Frost
Honoring Veloria Nanze-Demery of Atlanta on being named a
Businesswoman of the Year by the National Republican Congressional

HR 1034    Solis
Congratulating the Honorable Moises V. Vela of Harlingen on the
dedication of the Moises V. Vela Elementary School.

HR 1037    Hamilton
Honoring Wayne Prouse of Orange County for his many contributions
to his community.

HR 1039    Hunter
Congratulating the Abilene Wylie Bulldogs' football team on their 3A
Division I State Championship win.

HR 1040    Van Arsdale
Endorsing the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen program and
encouraging participation in the program.

HR 1041    Gattis
Congratulating Jim Jackson of Rockdale on his horse being named a
2004 Texas champion by the Texas Thoroughbred Association.

HR 1042    Dutton
Honoring Pinecrest Presbyterian Church of Houston on its 80th

HR 1043    Dutton
Honoring Dr. A. Louis Patterson, Jr., for 35 years of leadership
with Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Houston.

HR 1044    Dutton
Honoring George Bud Easter Johnson of Houston on his professional
accomplishments and civic service.

HR 1048    Solis
Recognizing April 7, 2005, as World Health Day 2005.

HR 1049    Geren
Recognizing the University of North Texas Health Science Center on
the success of its doctor and master of public health programs and
congratulating all those associated with these outstanding

HR 1053    Denny
Congratulating Clarence and Dorothy Scharbauer of Pilot Point on
producing two of the leading Texas stallions of 2004.

HR 1057    Hopson
Honoring Charles Pierce Brooks on his first birthday.

HR 1058    Howard
Honoring Dr. Don K. Hamblen and Beverly Hamblen of Richmond on
their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1059    Keel
Congratulating Robert Jackson of Austin on his design of the Warren
Skaaren Environmental Learning Center at Westcave Preserve, which
was granted the Award of Excellence at the National American
Institute of Architects/Committee on Architecture for Education
Conference in Washington, D.C.

HR 1060    Keel
Honoring the members of the James Bowie High School Outdoor
Performing Ensemble of Austin on their victory at the 2004 Fiesta
Bowl National Band Championship and their record of achievement.

HR 1061    Goolsby
Honoring John and Jackie Gilbert of Helotes on their 55th wedding

HR 1069    Dutton
Honoring Houston Astros great James Rodney "J. R." Richard.

HR 1070    Dutton
Honoring George Thomas of Houston for his career accomplishments in
public broadcasting.

HR 1071    Martinez
Commemorating the opening of the new Alamo Public Library.

HR 1072    Hilderbran
Honoring U.S. Army Specialist Ryan L. Crunk of Kerrville for his
service in Iraq and his receipt of the Purple Heart.

HR 1075    Castro
Honoring David A. Marquez de la Plata of San Antonio on attaining
the Eagle Scout insignia.

HR 1076    Castro
Honoring Stephen Richard Weatherholtz of San Antonio on attaining
the Eagle Scout insignia.

HR 1077    Castro
Honoring Ameen Hadi Al-Bahloly of San Antonio on becoming an Eagle

HR 1078    Castro
Honoring Lawrence James Seay of San Antonio on attaining the Eagle
Scout insignia.

HR 1084    Chavez
Congratulating Mark Miramon of El Paso for completing his Eagle
Scout project.

HR 1085    Chavez
Commending Afamia El-Nakat of El Paso on her commitment to
environmental services.

HR 1086    Chavez
Honoring Marce Galaviz on his career in broadcasting.

HR 1109    Jackson, Jim
Congratulating Kimberly and Robert Ray Faust, Jr., on the birth of
their son, Caden Robert Faust.

HCR 4    Isett
Congratulating Dr. Richard Michael Bennett on his retirement as
principal of Monterey High School in Lubbock.

HCR 110    Hopson
Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the discovery of the East
Texas Oil Field on October 3, 1930.

HCR 116    Burnam
Recognizing May 24, 2005, as Aviation Maintenance Technician Day in

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 982    Delisi
In memory of Dr. Harry A. Wilmer II of Salado.

HR 983    Guillen
In memory of Oscar L. Ramirez, Sr., of Roma.

HR 984    Guillen
In memory of Domingo Alvarez of Santa Elena.

HR 1018    Dunnam
In memory of Michael Stanislav of Waco.

HR 1027    Naishtat
In memory of Robert Anthony Proffitt of Liberty Hill.

HR 1029    Hilderbran
In memory of Bill J. Immel of Kerrville.

HR 1030    Hilderbran
In memory of Clayborne Edwin Kruckemeyer of Mason.

HR 1031    Hilderbran
In memory of John Richard "Jack" Furman III of Kerrville.

HR 1033    Frost
In memory of Sybil Prange of New Boston.

HR 1038    Haggerty
In memory of Arthur Ortiz, Jr.

HR 1054    Laney
In memory of John Russell Bender of New Orleans, Louisiana.

HR 1073    Frost
In memory of Judge William L. Peek, Jr. of Texarkana.

HR 1079    Quintanilla
In memory of Angela Bosquez of Tornillo.

HR 1115    Denny / Solomons / Crownover
In memory of Dr. H. M. Burgess of Denton County.

HR 1116    Denny
In memory of Curtis Lynn Raburn of Denton.

HR 1117    Merritt
In memory of Judge Marcus Fay Vascocu of Longview.

HR 1118    Merritt / Bonnen
In memory of Odis Ray Hill of Longview.

HR 1124    Pitts
In memory of Captain Lyle Gordon.

HR 1127    West, George "Buddy"
In memory of Barnie Ray Jones of Odessa.

HR 1130    Quintanilla
In memory of Juan Arturo Saenz of El Paso.