Friday, April 29, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 1012    Brown, Betty
Honoring the Reverend Donald Royce Hickman of Athens for his
service as Pastor of the Day.

HR 1013    Brown, Betty
Congratulating Native Texan Jamie Foxx on his successful acting

HR 1026    Cook, Robby
Recognizing the 13th Annual State Noodle Cook-off on May 21, 2005,
at the 2005 Lee County Fair.

HR 1081    Uresti
Commemorating the "Spring Fest--Blue Star Salute" taking place on
May 14, 2005, in Converse.

HR 1169    Gonzales
Honoring Belinda Cowan on the occasion of her retirement as
executive director of the McAllen Boys & Girls Club and for her
wide-ranging contributions to her community.

HR 1174    Hughes
Honoring retired Lieutenant Colonel Lester Dale Griffith and Joyce
Garrett Griffith of Mineola on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1175    Hughes
Honoring the Mineola Memorial Library on the 55th anniversary of
its founding.

HR 1176    Hughes
Honoring Julia Odom of Gladewater on her 110th birthday.

HR 1180    Gallego
Congratulating the Monahans High School Lady Loboes volleyball team
for winning the UIL 3A state championship.

HR 1184    Farabee
Congratulating Bailey Gann of Wichita County on winning the Reserve
Champion Lightweight Junior Market Goat prize at the Houston
Livestock Show.

HR 1187    Solis
Honoring San Benito's veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

HR 1188    Berman
Honoring Willie and Faye Freeman of Tyler on the occasion of their
50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1189    Goolsby
Honoring Jim R. Phillips on his nomination for the Texas
Association of Broadcasters' 2005 Pioneer Broadcaster of the Year

HR 1192    Kolkhorst
Honoring Coach Bob Brock of Sam Houston State University on his
800th career victory.

HR 1193    Dukes
Honoring the Texas Music Museum for its contributions to the
cultural fabric of the state.

HR 1194    Crownover
Commemorating the opening and dedication of the Presbyterian
Hospital of Denton in April 2005.

HR 1196    Baxter
Honoring U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Brian Evans of Austin.

HR 1197    Flynn
Congratulating Crystal Hocutt on her graduation as valedictorian of
the Celeste High School Class of 2005.

HR 1198    Zedler
Recognizing the Children's Legal Services of Houston's Kids
Clothesline Project and National Youth Service Day 2005.

HR 1199    Chavez
Honoring Carmenita Littlejohn of El Paso for her heroism.

HR 1200    Chavez
Honoring Robert Andrew Tarango of El Paso for his heroism.

HR 1201    Chavez
Honoring Gloria Aguilera Terry on her contributions to the El Paso
community as executive director of the Center Against Family

HR 1202    Chavez
Honoring Ted Bender for his role in ending enforced segregation in
El Paso.

HR 1203    Chavez
Honoring Ruben Vogt of Canutillo for his selection as a Truman

HR 1204    Chavez
Congratulating David Nabhan on winning the 2005 El Paso Times
Spelling Bee.

HR 1205    Chavez
Honoring Ted Marquez on his contributions to his community as
manager of the Traffic Engineering Division of the City of El Paso.

HR 1206    Chavez
Honoring Alfredo Aguirre, Alejandro Gutierrez, Albert Rosales, and
Saul Sanchez-Lira of El Paso for their heroism.

HR 1207    Chavez
Honoring Gloria Ramos of El Paso for her heroism.

HR 1208    Chavez
Honoring El Paso police officer Jaime Esparza for his heroism.

HR 1209    Chavez
Honoring Retired Major General Edward Greer of El Paso for his
service to his community and to his country.

HR 1210    Chavez
Honoring Alicia Chacon, former El Paso County Judge, for her
exemplary career in public service.

HR 1212    Chavez
Honoring Ouisa Davis of El Paso on her achievements as executive
director of Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services.

HR 1215    Laubenberg
Recognizing the city of Rockwall for its rich history as a favored
wedding locale.

HR 1216    Laubenberg
Honoring Wylie ISD superintendent Dr. John Fuller on being named
the 2004 Superintendent of the Year for Region 10.

HR 1217    Castro
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Ferdinand Herff, Jr.,
Elementary School in San Antonio.

HR 1218    Hunter
Commending Dr. Charles Nelson as the author of the tribute to the Texas
Choral Directors in "Lest We Forget" and for his lifetime achievements as a
music scholar, teacher, and vocal performer.

HR 1219    Hunter
Honoring Bobby Morrow for his lifetime achievements upon the golden
anniversary of his three gold medal victories in the Olympic Games.

HR 1225    Giddings
Congratulating "Insights" on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

HR 1226    King, Phil
Honoring Dr. Tom Annunziato, of Fort Worth and Weatherford, for his
notable service to his community.

HR 1232    King, Tracy
Honoring Dale L. Bates of San Angelo for his contributions to
promoting weather modification technologies in Texas.

HR 1233    King, Tracy
Honoring CASSE, Inc., and its board of directors for their service
to the citizens of Maverick County.

HR 1234    King, Tracy
Congratulating musician Gerardo Lopez of Eagle Pass on being
selected to participate in the "Nuevas Voces de America" television

HR 1235    Cook, Robby
Congratulating Elm Grove Baptist Church on its sesquicentennial.

HR 1237    Anderson
Honoring Derrick Johnson of Waco for winning the 2004 Bronko
Nagurski Trophy and the 2004 Dick Butkus Award.

HR 1238    Gonzales
Congratulating Oscar Rodriguez on his selection as superintendent
of the Mission Consolidated Independent School District.

HR 1239    Gonzales
Congratulating Miriam M. Barrientos on being named 2004 Youth of
the Year for the Boys and Girls Club of McAllen.

HR 1240    Noriega, Melissa
Honoring Louis and Bertie Pedraza of Houston on their 50th

HR 1243    Laubenberg
Recognizing May 3, 2005, as Texas Heart Healthy Day at the State
Capitol and commending AstraZeneca for its efforts to promote
awareness of cardiovascular disease.

HR 1246    Eissler
Congratulating The Woodlands Highsteppers on being named Grand
Champions at the Champion Dance Nationals Drill Team Contest.

HR 1247    Hughes / Merritt
Honoring Gene Keenon of Laird Hill on his receipt of the Regional
Committee Service Award from the East Texas Council of Governments.

HR 1248    Hughes
Honoring Don and Pauletta McConathy of Mineola on the occasion of
their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1250    Naishtat
Honoring David Wofford on his retirement from the State Board of
Medical Examiners.

HCR 145    Kuempel
Honoring Sally Ann Reynolds, former director of the Legislative
Reference Library for her remarkable career in state government.

HCR 147    Craddick
Honoring Kathryn Patricia Beal, the 2005 Bluebonnet Queen.

HCR 149    Olivo
Honoring Willie Thomas of Booth for his induction into the Texas
Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame.

SCR 20    Barrientos
Recognizing the professionals of the Texas Juvenile Justice System on
Texas Juvenile Justice Day 2005.

SCR 26    Hinojosa
Commending Troy Lowell Luce for his service to his country.

SCR 28    Nelson
Recognizing Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth for its selection to host a
second NASCAR Nextel Cup race.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 733    Denny
In memory of Curtis Lynn Raburn of Denton.

HR 1138    Chavez
In memory of James Celaya of El Paso.

HR 1150    Gallego
In memory of Manuel "Cougar" Fierro, Jr., of Alpine.

HR 1151    Gallego
In memory of Maria Belia Gordon of Alpine.

HR 1152    Gallego
In memory of Ronnie McFadin of Del Rio.

HR 1154    Gallego
In memory of Jimmy Owens of Forney.

HR 1155    Gallego
In memory of James Humphrey Marshall III, former superintendent of
the Alpine ISD.

HR 1156    Gallego
In memory of Guy C. "Woody" Woodruff of Alpine.

HR 1157    Gallego
In memory of Freddy Cordova.

HR 1158    Frost
In memory of Wilbert Andrew "Big Daddy" Griffin of Texarkana.

HR 1160    Allen, Alma
In memory of Ruth Ella Gee Byrd of Houston.

HR 1182    Seaman
In memory of U.S. Army Private First Class Danny Lamar Anderson of
Corpus Christi.

HR 1186    Solis
In memory of the Honorable Adolfo G. Betancourt, Sr., of Cameron

HR 1191    Martinez Fischer
Honoring the life of Irene G. Henry of San Antonio.

HR 1211    Chavez
In memory of former El Paso mayor Thomas D. Westfall.

HR 1224    Giddings / Davis, Yvonne / Jones, Jesse / Hodge
In memory of James Norman Whitlow of Dallas.

HR 1241    Quintanilla
In memory of John Henry Hill of El Paso.

HR 1265    Quintanilla
In memory of Margarita Rodriguez of Tornillo.

HR 1266    Gallego
In memory of Jimmie L. Rose of Fort Davis.

HR 1267    Gallego
In memory of Dorothy Buhler Crawford of El Paso.

HR 1269    Gallego
In memory of Alpine native Tom Connor, Jr.

HR 1294    Dutton
In memory of Janice Gibson of Houston.