Friday, May 13, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 10    Dutton
Recognizing the Houston Minority Business Council's EXPO 2005 to be
held on September 15, 2005.

HR 1333    Keel
Honoring Vivian Leigh Lewis of Austin for 30 years of service as a
social worker.

HR 1338    Hughes
Commending Brother James Renfro, Sr., for his 50 years of service
as a minister.

HR 1339    Hughes
Honoring Karla Tate Doss on her retirement from the U.S. District
Clerk's Office for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall

HR 1342    Hopson
Honoring Kyle Stacy of Jacksonville for his heroism.

HR 1343    Hopson
Honoring Faith Smith of Jacksonville for her heroism.

HR 1347    Brown, Fred / Dukes / Homer / Gattis / et al.
Honoring the students from the Texas A&M Public Policy Internship
Program on their service throughout the 79th Legislature.

HR 1350    Alonzo
Honoring John Parker of Dallas on the occasion of his retirement
from Sunset High School.

HR 1354    Martinez
Honoring Enrique Gonzales on his retirement as assistant chief of
the Weslaco Police Department.

HR 1356    Gattis
Congratulating L. C. Richards of Rockdale on being named the
10,000th Professional Miner.

HR 1358    Bonnen
Honoring Jeffrey Effenberger of Sweeny on his receipt of the 2004
Rural Heroism Award from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

HR 1360    Hopson
Honoring Larry Morgan on his service to the Jacksonville community
as president of the city's chamber of commerce and chief executive
officer of economic development.

HR 1362    Hopson
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the David Crockett Chapter of
the Daughters of the Republic of Texas on May 5, 2005.

HR 1363    Farabee
Honoring Lila Arnold of Jefferson Elementary on being named the
Wichita Falls Independent School District Teacher of the Year for

HR 1369    Hunter / Solis / Griggs / McReynolds / Laney
Honoring Bobby Morrow on the golden anniversary of his three gold medal
victories in the Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia.

HR 1376    Grusendorf
Commending the Texas Education Agency and the Ministry of Education in

HR 1378    Frost
Congratulating Becky Pierce on being named the Texas Nursing
Student of the Year.

HR 1388    Uresti
Recognizing the Texas recipients of the Medal of Honor and the
Family and Friends of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

HR 1391    Raymond
Recognizing District Attorney Joe Rubio for his outstanding service
to Laredo.

HR 1394    Flynn
Congratulating the Texas A&M--Commerce Lions basketball team on its
outstanding season.

HR 1395    Giddings
Congratulating William T. Solomon on his receipt of the 76th Annual
Linz Award.

HR 1397    Solomons
Recognizing October 31-November 4, 2005, and November 6-10, 2006,
as Municipal Courts Week in Texas.

HR 1398    Craddick
Honoring Arvin and Betty Kilpatrick of Midland on their 50th
wedding anniversary.

HR 1399    Craddick
Congratulating Rachel and Gene Abbott of Midland on their 55th
wedding anniversary.

HR 1400    Wong
Honoring the birth of Natalie Caitlin Gee to Andy and Cindy Gee of

HR 1404    Castro
Honoring Master Sergeant Janet M. Schwanke of San Antonio on the
occasion of her retirement from the United States Air Force.

HR 1407    Naishtat
Commending Pillow Elementary School on being named a national Blue
Ribbon School.

HR 1408    McClendon
Celebrating the 70th birthday of Josephine Elois Davis Hadley of
San Antonio.

HR 1409    Martinez
Honoring U.S. Army First Sergeant Leonel Garcia, Jr., of Mercedes
for his service to his country.

HR 1410    Burnam
Recognizing Will Harrell on his fifth anniversary as executive
director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas.

HR 1411    Driver
Honoring Officer Bobby Jenkins of the Rowlett Police Department for
his heroism.

HR 1415    Davis, Yvonne
Honoring Ola Mae Archie Williams of Dallas on her recognition as a
Godly Woman--Living Legacy by the Women and Girls' Conference of
the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas.

HR 1427    Baxter
Honoring the fifth-grade teachers at Cedar Creek Elementary School
in Austin.

HR 1435    Chavez
Honoring El Paso Writers' League president Donna Munch.

HR 1436    Chavez
Honoring El Paso native Rudy Tellez for his career and
accomplishments in television.

HR 1437    Chavez
Honoring Wayne Weaver of El Paso for his commitment to animal

HR 1438    Chavez
Honoring Monica Saenz of Houston for being named the 2005 Young
Engineer of the Year by the Society of Women Engineers--Houston

HR 1439    Chavez
Honoring Bill Barry of El Paso for his achievements in the sport of

HR 1440    Chavez
Honoring University of Texas at El Paso senior defensive tackle
Chris Mineo for making the 36th Rotary Lombardi Award watch list.

HR 1441    Chavez
Honoring Tressa Yocum of El Paso for her athletic achievements.

HR 1442    Chavez
Honoring Patricia Arellano of El Paso for her accomplishments as a

HR 1443    Chavez
Honoring Selena Renee Solis of El Paso for her heroism.

HR 1444    Chavez
Honoring Ingrid Phillips of El Paso for her exceptional

HR 1446    Chavez
Honoring Betty Barrie on her myriad achievements and congratulating
her on her continued participation in the El Paso Senior Games.

HR 1447    Chavez
Honoring Cruz Hernandez and Javier Martinez of El Paso for their

HR 1448    Chavez
Honoring Sam Casper of El Paso on the occasion of his retirement.

HR 1450    Bailey
Honoring La Rosa Family Services of Houston on its 10th

HR 1453    Corte
Welcoming the Friendship Force Club of Manawatu, New Zealand, to
San Antonio.

HR 1455    Olivo
Congratulating Willie Thomas of Booth on his induction into the
Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame.

HR 1458    Pena
Honoring Vanessa Alejandro of Edinburg for her first place finish
in the 2004 national mariachi competition held at Walt Disney

HR 1459    Pena
Honoring the Edcouch-Elsa High School football team for its
outstanding 2004 season.

HR 1460    Pena
Honoring Dr. Robert Reeve for his contributions to The University
of Texas--Pan American.

HR 1461    Pena
Honoring Raul Yzaguirre for his receipt of the 2005 Tejano
Democrats Lifetime Achievement Award.

HR 1462    Pena
Honoring Mariachi Primer Orgullo of Edinburg High School on its

HR 1463    Pena
Honoring U.S. Army Specialist Juan Manuel Arevalo for his
unwavering service to his country.

HR 1468    Flynn
Recognizing the Texas A&M--Commerce Lady Lions soccer team for
winning the 2004 Lone Star Conference tournament championship.

HR 1469    Bailey
Honoring the Macedonia Outreach Center on its many contributions to
the citizens of Houston.

HR 1470    Kuempel
Honoring Doris Graves Reynolds of Uvalde on her 80th birthday.

HR 1475    Quintanilla
Congratulating Albert and Margie Perez on the occasion of their
30th wedding anniversary.

HR 1482    Kolkhorst
Recognizing May 1-7, 2005, as Texas Correctional Officers Week.

HR 1483    Bohac
Honoring Spring Woods High School of Houston on the occasion of its
40th anniversary.

HR 1484    Farabee
Congratulating Marcos Lopez on being named the 2005 Youth of the
Year by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wichita Falls.

HR 1499    Keel
Honoring the members of the James Bowie High School Outdoor
Performing Ensemble of Austin on their victory at the 2004 Fiesta
Bowl National Band Championship and their record of achievement.

HR 1510    Truitt
Congratulating Todd Dodge of Southlake Carroll High School on being
named the Adams USA National Head Coach of the Year.

HR 1515    Keel
Honoring the students of Kiker Elementary School in Austin for
their generosity in behalf of troops serving in Iraq.

HCR 5    Alonzo
Honoring the Texas Dental Association and Texas Dentists for
Healthy Smiles for providing access to dental care to Texans in
need through the Texas Mission of Mercy.

HCR 6    Truitt
Designating January 17, 2006, as 112th Cavalry Day on the 60th
anniversary of the group's deactivation.

HCR 158    Hupp
Honoring Lampasas County on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.

HCR 163    Craddick
Honoring Charles and Margaret Semple of Midland on the occasion of
their 40th anniversary.

HCR 164    Craddick
Congratulating Don Hedgpeth of Medina on receiving the 2004
Wrangler Award for Outstanding Art Book from the National Cowboy &
Western Heritage Museum.

SCR 33    Seliger
         SP: Smithee
Commending the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon for hosting the
exhibit Capturing Western Legends: Russell and Remington's Canadian

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 1396    Bohac
In memory of Athalene M. Griffin.

HR 1402    Krusee
In memory of Jerry Leroy Mehevec of Taylor.

HR 1403    Gonzales
In memory of Jeffry Forrest Fitch of McAllen.

HR 1414    Quintanilla
In memory of Jose Maria Zambrano of El Paso.

HR 1430    Wong
In memory of Elnora Mayeux Callegari of Cottonport, Louisiana.

HR 1445    Chavez
In memory of Isadore J. Kahn of El Paso.

HR 1449    Callegari
In memory of Joseph Joaquin Harvey III of Houston.

HR 1452    Cook, Byron
In memory of Olin Nickleberry of Corsicana.

HR 1454    Hamric / Woolley
In memory of Allene Barr White of Temple.

HR 1457    Pena
In memory of Alicia Alamia Rodriguez of Edinburg.

HR 1471    Goolsby
In memory of Iris Alicia Pryor Mathews Mashburn of De Kalb.

HR 1472    Goolsby
In memory of Deborah Wester Jacob of Dallas.

HR 1474    Quintanilla
In memory of Francisco Acuna of Clint.

HR 1476    Quintanilla
In memory of Barbara Contreras of Fabens.

HR 1477    Quintanilla
In memory of Jennifer Crystal Chavez of El Paso.

HR 1478    Gonzales
In memory of Hermes Villarreal of San Juan.

HR 1479    Ritter
In memory of W. C. "Wib" Walker of Austin.

HR 1481    Frost
In memory of Enos Raymond Presley of Atlanta.

HR 1486    Hilderbran
In memory of Brenda Kaye York Butler of Austin and Brackettville.

HR 1498    McCall
In memory of James Alexander "Jim" Lyell of Plano.

HR 1500    Quintanilla
In memory of Manuel B. Vigil of El Paso.