Friday, May 20, 2005
                                9:00 A.M.


               ********CONGRATULATORY RESOLUTIONS********

HR 1485    Hilderbran
Honoring Harley Steele of San Antonio for her perseverance in her
efforts to attend the presidential inauguration in Washington,
D.C., in January 2005.

HR 1487    Hilderbran
Honoring the members of the D. P. Smith family of Llano for their
contributions to the cattle industry.

HR 1489    Herrero
Congratulating the Texas A&M University--Corpus Christi Islander
Democrats on receiving the school's Student Affairs' Organization
of the Year Award in 2005.

HR 1493    McCall
Recognizing Schimelpfenig Middle School in Plano on the 25th
anniversary of its founding.

HR 1494    McCall
Congratulating Nikhil Koganti on winning the 47th annual The Dallas
Morning News Regional Spelling Bee.

HR 1495    McCall
Congratulating Matt Ockwood on being named corps commander at Texas
A&M University.

HR 1496    McCall
Recognizing the dedication of the Allan K. and Carolyn H. Bird
Education Center in Plano.

HR 1497    McCall
Honoring Erin Bedell of Plano West High School for her
participation in the 33rd Annual IAAF World Cross Country

HR 1503    Hamilton
Honoring R. D. "Bo" Welborn on his selection as president of the
State Firemen's and Fire Marshals' Association of Texas.

HR 1504    Hamilton
Honoring Ashley Watson of Vidor High School for her exceptional
performance at the Texas High School Women's Powerlifting
Association state championships in Killeen.

HR 1506    Casteel
Honoring Texas Air National Guard Major Scott Galliardt of Boerne
for his service to his country and for his contributions in behalf
of his fellow soldiers.

HR 1507    King, Phil
Commending Dr. Tom Annunziato for his exceptional service as an
optometrist and a community leader.

HR 1508    Wong
Commending all associated with the celebration of "A Mosaic of
Israeli Music" hosted by the Consul General of Israel to the
Southwest on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of Israel's

HR 1512    Bailey
Commending Aditi Sheth on her service as an intern on the staff of
State Representative Kevin Bailey.

HR 1513    Dunnam
Honoring Texas State Technical College on the occasion of its 40th

HR 1518    Flynn
Honoring Dr. Ben Bratcher, Truman Oakley, Pat May, Monte Clearman,
Craig Ham, Matthew Daniel, and Cary Chastain for their efforts to
help prevent the spread of AIDS in Swaziland.

HR 1521    Hughes
Congratulating Wayland Sessions, Sr., and Betty Hendrix Sessions of
Quitman on their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1522    Hughes
Honoring Paul and Betty Bozeman of Quitman on the occasion of their
50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1523    Hughes
Honoring Winona McQuaid of Hawkins on her 100th birthday.

HR 1524    Hughes
Honoring Roosevelt and Thelma Triplett of Quitman on the occasion
of their 50th wedding anniversary.

HR 1525    Hughes
Congratulating Justin Lookadoo of Mineola on his accomplishments as
a motivational speaker and author.

HR 1526    Hunter
Congratulating Angela and Jason Hindman on the birth of their daughter,
Helen Noel Hindman.

HR 1528    Goolsby
Honoring Jim Lehrer for his outstanding career as a television news
anchor and writer.

HR 1529    Uresti
Congratulating University of Texas at San Antonio student Rudy
Garza of Adkins on his acceptance into the Joint Admission Medical

HR 1535    Madden / Denny / Krusee / Turner
Recognizing Southwestern University's Texas Legislative Politics
Internship Program on its 40th anniversary and commending the 2005
student interns.

HR 1536    Escobar
Honoring Dr. John Phillip Toelkes, veterinarian of the King Ranch,
on his professional accomplishments.

HR 1537    Paxton
Honoring the first graduating class of the Youth Leadership Frisco
training program.

HR 1538    Paxton
Commending the students, staff, and faculty of Story Elementary
School in Allen for their efforts in behalf of the Liebo family.

HR 1539    Paxton
Congratulating the McKinney High School girls' soccer team for
winning the 2005 Class 4A state championship.

HR 1540    Paxton
Honoring Citizenship McKinney, McKinney Youth Leadership, and
Northern Collin County Leadership for their contributions to the
residents of North Texas.

HR 1541    Paxton
Honoring Todd Hamilton of McKinney for winning the 2004 British

HR 1544    Dunnam
Congratulating Frank Dickson of Waco on his 2005 induction into the
Texas High School Football Hall of Fame.

HR 1546    Hughes
Honoring Ray Lawson on being named Marshall's 2004 Outstanding

HR 1547    Hughes
Honoring Mineola for its designation as a Preserve America

HR 1548    McClendon
Congratulating Chase Cannon of San Antonio on his receipt of the
Best of Texas Award from the Texas Career and Technology Council.

HR 1549    McClendon
Congratulating Betzaida Morales of San Antonio on her receipt of
the Best of Texas Award from the Texas Career and Technology

HR 1552    Bailey
Honoring Atma Kabad of Houston for his work as a legislative intern
for State Representative Kevin Bailey.

HR 1553    Keel
Congratulating Robert Jackson and Michael McElhaney of Austin on
their design of the Warren Skaaren Environmental Learning Center at
Westcave Preserve, which was granted the Award of Excellence at the
National American Institute of Architects/Committee on Architecture
for Education Conference in Washington, D.C.

HR 1554    Zedler
Congratulating Justin Neal Bryan on his receipt of the Buck Weirus
Spirit Award.

HR 1556    Zedler
Honoring Lynda Freeman for her decades of service to the City of

HR 1557    Zedler
Commending the students of Meadowcreek Elementary School in the
Crowley Independent School District for their interest in learning
more about Texas state government.

HR 1559    Zedler
Congratulating Victor A. Hernandez of Fort Worth on achieving the
rank of Eagle Scout.

HR 1560    Zedler
Honoring Stephen Roe of Mansfield on becoming an Eagle Scout.

HR 1561    Zedler
Honoring Daniel T. Serna of Arlington on his appointment to the
Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.

HR 1562    Zedler
Honoring Sue Crouch on her retirement from the Crowley ISD Board of

HR 1563    Bohac
Congratulating Casey Johnson of Houston on attaining the rank of
Eagle Scout.

HR 1566    Campbell
Honoring Dianna Spieker, treasurer of Tom Green County, for her
public service.

HR 1568    Brown, Fred
Honoring Sister Gretchen Kunz of Bryan as she transitions from her
position as president of Saint Joseph Health System.

HR 1571    Farabee
Recognizing the birth of Wesley Venkatesham Sudarshan and declaring
him an honorary Texan.

HR 1572    Bailey
Honoring Rita Varavadekar, legislative intern for State Representative
Kevin Bailey.

HR 1580    Phillips
Recognizing the establishment of the Austin College Leadership

HR 1581    McReynolds
Honoring Drew and Brenda Daugherty of Coldspring for their
contributions to the Coldspring Volunteer Fire Department.

HR 1582    Burnam
Commending the third-grade students of Fort Worth's Como Elementary
School and their teacher Joyce Bowens on their interest in state

HR 1584    Branch
Honoring the 100th anniversary of Munger Place Historic District in

HR 1585    Branch
Honoring the 100th anniversary of the Baylor College of Dentistry.

HR 1586    Flynn
Honoring Kenneth and Marilyn Sandlin of Greenville on their 50th
wedding anniversary.

HR 1587    Flynn
Honoring the Ghostriders for impressive achievements in
horse-riding drill team competition.

HR 1588    Flynn
Honoring Dan and Jean Gayler of Quinlan on their golden wedding

HR 1589    Flynn
Honoring E. J. "Buddy" and Clara Pringle on their 50th wedding

HR 1590    Flynn
Congratulating Bill and Delores McMurtre on their 50th wedding

HR 1592    Gallego
Congratulating the Paisano Folklorico dancers of Big Bend High
School in Terlingua on winning the Best Contemporary Dance in the
Intermediate B Adult Category at the Viva Aztlan Festival held in
March 2005 in Lubbock.

HR 1594    Castro
Honoring Peter Thomas Padilla of San Antonio on attaining the rank
of Eagle Scout.

HR 1595    Castro
Honoring Brandon and Cassie Denson of San Antonio for their

HR 1596    Castro
Honoring Robert Eugene Stricklin, Jr., of San Antonio on attaining
the rank of Eagle Scout.

HCR 169    Rose
Honoring Hulda Kercheville on the occasion of her retirement from
Hernandez Intermediate School in San Marcos.

HCR 174    Paxton
Honoring Olympic gold medalist Carly Patterson.

HCR 197    Homer
Congratulating Bobby Dejoux of Direct on winning first place at the
2003 SkillsUSA state competition.

HCR 198    Homer
Congratulating Cory Morris of Powderly on winning first place at
the 2005 SkillsUSA state competition.

HCR 199    Homer
Congratulating Jonathan Daniels of Paris on his success at the 2004
National SkillsUSA competition.

HCR 200    Homer
Honoring Bo Bolton on his retirement from North Lamar High School
in Paris.

HCR 201    Isett / Jones, Delwin
Honoring the employees of Southwest Airlines at the Lubbock
International Airport.

HCR 202    Gallego
Congratulating U.S. Ambassador Tony Garza and Mariasun
Aramburuzabala on their marriage.

SCR 39    Deuell
Designating July 2005 as Lawn Mower Safety Awareness Month.

                **********MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS**********

HR 1501    Quintanilla
In memory of Eduardo Martinez of Clint.

HR 1502    Quintanilla
In memory of Saridivanna Franco and Sergio Franco of El Paso.

HR 1505    Casteel
In memory of Carlin Dale Wicker of Fredericksburg.

HR 1511    Escobar / Alonzo
In memory of Laura Canales of Kingsville, "La Reina de la Onda

HR 1527    Hunter
In memory of Catherine Morrison Benson.

HR 1530    Uresti
In memory of Ezequiel Uresti of San Antonio.

HR 1532    Uresti
In memory of Ann D. Nash of Elmendorf.

HR 1542    Quintanilla
In memory of Maria N. Quintanilla of Tornillo.

HR 1543    Quintanilla
In memory of Tomas Quintanilla of Tornillo.

HR 1555    Zedler
In memory of Lynn Franek of Crowley.

HR 1558    Zedler
In memory of KayDee Welch of Mansfield.

HR 1565    Hilderbran
In memory of Dovie Jane Knowles of Uvalde.

HR 1567    Bohac
In memory of Alfred C. Habelman of Houston.

HR 1570    Hodge
In memory of Cubie Faye Webster Evans of Dallas.

HR 1573    Quintanilla
In memory of Gilberto Vargas, Sr., of Clint.

HR 1574    Quintanilla
In memory of Nelda L. Candelaria of El Paso.

HR 1575    Quintanilla
In memory of Socorro Rodriguez of Clint.

HR 1576    Quintanilla
In memory of Jack Dalton Strachan of Clint.

HR 1577    Quintanilla
In memory of Jennifer Crystal Chavez.

HR 1578    Quintanilla
In memory of Rene "Rocky" U. Renteria of Clint.

HR 1579    Quintanilla
In memory of Albert F. Hanmore of Clint.

HR 1591    Gallego
In memory of Krystal Leigh DelBart and Gage Leighton DelBart of

HR 1645    Homer
In memory of Jack C. "Jake" Coker of Paris.

HCR 175    Homer
In memory of Dave L. Rodgers of Paris.

HCR 176    Homer
In memory of Dr. Raymond Armstrong of Paris.

HCR 177    Homer
In memory of Dr. John Larry Walker of Paris.

HCR 178    Homer
In memory of Mary Lou Williams of Paris.

HCR 179    Homer
In memory of Patsy Brulte Kemp of Paris.

HCR 180    Homer
In memory of Frances Ellis of Paris.

HCR 181    Homer
In memory of Juanita Stamper of Paris.

HCR 182    Homer
In memory of Wynona Harper Harrison of Paris.

HCR 183    Homer
In memory of William Merritt Noel of Paris.

HCR 184    Homer
In memory of Richard J. Rast of Howland.

HCR 195    Pena
Honoring the life of Jeramie Espinoza.